Touring Phoenix - Musical Instrument Museum

While my parents were in town for Madeleine's birthday, we decided to check out the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix.
This museum is exactly what you would expect - tons of musical instruments from all over the world and from all periods of time. It's pretty expansive, and yet you could easily tour it all in a day. 
I enjoyed the museum a lot, and would love to go back sans kids to explore it a little further.

Speaking of kids...this is probably not the greatest museum for little ones. Not that the kids didn't enjoy it, but what fun is being around a bunch of instruments if you don't get to play them? Heck, even I was itching to touch a lot of things.

That being said, they did have one interactive area where kids can play and touch as much as they want called the Experience Gallery. It was mostly percussion instruments, because, you love to bang on things!!
I really enjoyed the Artist Gallery. There were tons of instruments and costumes from all sorts famous musicians that had been donated to the museum. There were items from Elvis, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, and even Taylor Swift! 
So, that's the Musical Instrument Museum. I'm thinking it will be a great place to go again next summer to beat the heat.

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