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I ran to IKEA over my lunch break recently to pick up a present for Bill, and on the way there I realized I was going to IKEA alone!! I'm never alone anymore, and here I was alone and at one of my favorite stores. So, since I had the luxury of browsing to my little heart's content, I thought I'd share what was catching my fancy. Ready to do some window shopping!?!?
First off, this awesome wing back chair (Strandmon $279). This is a great price for a chair of this size and presence, and the fabric was nice too. There are a few places I'd love to put this in my house, but wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger yet.
Next up, cool mid-century styled coffee tables (Lövbacken $79.99). I thought the shape and grain pattern was cool and I loved the touch of gold on the legs. (The coffee table in the background is Stockholm $229).
They had a really cool pink corner cabinet that could either stand or be mounted on the wall (IKEA PS 2014 $99). My phone did not capture the retro pink color accurately at all. So many possibilities for this one.
I also liked these corner shelves for a great pop of color (RYSSBY 2014 Corner Shelf Unit $55.99 / Wall Shelf $7.99)
This green curio cabinet catches my eye every time I'm there, but just won't work anywhere in my house (Fabrikör $199). Please someone snatch this cool piece up!
Same goes for these two media cabinets - they won't work for me, but would look great in a playroom or teenager's bedroom, right? (Top Nittorp $59.99 / Bottom IKEA PS $99) Seriously, the prices on this stuff cannot be beat.

As I wandered into the kitchen section, these lucite chairs caught my attention (Tobias $79). I would love these in our kitchen once Seamus is out of his booster seat. They take up almost no visual space and would be so easy to keep clean.
I would put those pretty chairs around this pretty round table (Docksta $199). I've been eyeballing this table for a while now. Since I will probably never be able to get an actual Saarinen table (*sigh* a girl can dream) this table could still get me close to the same look.
This kitchen island in this display kitchen gets me every time. I love the wrap-around counter.
These utility carts are awesome (Råskog $49.99). How do I know? Because I have this already. It is currently holding toys in Madeleine's closet.
I've really liked this rug for awhile now (Stockholm $299). I keep thinking I want it for my living room, but it doesn't work with our current couch. So, for now I just visit it, and I absolutely do not pet it while whispering "someday".
I've been wanting a shoe cabinet (Ställ $89.99) near our garage entrance, but there's not a lot of space. I'm picturing something like this, but not even sure if I have this much room.
After all this I finally made it to the first level - time for accessories!

This simple yellow storage clock (IKEA PS 1995 $39.99) would make a bright and fun addition to a kitchen.
I really loved these stacking candlestick holders (Välkänd $9.99) too. Were they really only $10? Why didn't I pick them up again?
This simple candelabra was pretty cool too (IKEA PS 2012 $19.99).
I pause at this emerald green vase (Stockholm $29.99) every time. I'm just not sure what to do with it. The color is gorgeous though.
Finally, this hanging planter was super cute (Riskorn $7.99). It thought about it for my kitchen, except I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.
So, that's what I was digging this trip to IKEA. There are a couple of things on the list I may go back for some day. I didn't leave empty handed though. I think it's probably impossible to leave IKEA empty handed.
I picked up this trio of vases (IKEA PS 2014 / $19.99) and a sheepskin (Rens $29.99) which I did not take a picture of for some reason. And of course, I got the Bill's super secret birthday present from the kiddos there too.

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