Glendale Glitters

Some friends had suggested we take the kids to downtown Glendale for their annual Glendale Glitters light display. So, last weekend we headed out after dinner. It was a pretty impressive display.
 The lights were wrapped from the ground to the tops of every tree.
There was so much color and movement every where you looked.
The park definitely glittered.
I was just so impressed with how high they were able to get all these lights. It was so pretty.
I would love to end this post talking about how magical the evening was and how much we all enjoyed it. The truth though...Madeleine was in rare form and we left earlier than expected; exasperated and annoyed with her. I swear every outing is a crap shoot with them. We never know what we're going to get. We're slowly trying to get out more with the kids though. So, even though it was far from perfect, I'm still glad we did it.


  1. It was, and it helps it feel like Christmas when it's warm and there's no snow.