O Christmas Tree

We actually put up our Christmas tree the first weekend in December, but I just hadn't gotten around to photographing it until now.

I've always wanted to do a color coordinated tree some time, but it just never comes to fruition. I just love my hodgepodge of ornaments too much. Most of my ornaments are all from Old World Christmas. They're just awesome ornaments. Bill and I both have a lot of Hallmark ornaments from when we younger, a tradition I've started again with my own kids. I have a couple ornaments from Lenox and Wedgewood and just some completely random ones I have picked up here or there over the years.
We've used a faux tree the past few years, and I actually don't mind it. I'm always a little thrown with the tinsel situation though, and never know how to finish off the look. This year I tried the wrap-around garland, and I liked it a lot.
I tried to get a picture at night with the lights on, but I have no idea what setting to use to really capture that. This was the best I could get.
So, that's the official 2014 Christmas Tree. Woo-hoo!!

Someday I would like to do two Christmas trees. One completely styled in a color coordinated theme, and one like this with all my special ornaments. 

I've also always, always wanted a white Christmas tree. Maybe I can snag one in an after Christmas sale.

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