Touring Arizona - Butterfly Wonderland

My sister is in town, so we decided to take the kids to Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. It is, exactly as the name describes, a wonderland of butterflies!
Once inside, you immediately are ushered into a small auditorium for the 3D movie, Flight of the Butterflies, which chronicles the life and migration of Monarch butterflies. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the day. Not for the movie exactly (although it was cool), but watching my kids react to a 3D movie. It was hilarious. Madeleine kept reaching out to try and catch the butterflies. Seamus kept his glasses on the whole time and moo'd and neigh'd at the cows and horses on screen.
After the movie, you are ushered into the Butterfly Emergence Gallery. It's a small area with three large picture windows where you can view real chrysalids and maybe witness a butterfly emerging from one.

After that, they usher (there's a lot of ushering) into the Conservatory - America's largest butterfly atrium. It's a large (10,000 sq ft), glass structure full of greenery and of course, butterflies! Basically, you just stroll around and observe, and it was a lot of fun.
The Blue Morpho butterfly was one of my favorites.
Check out the size of this moth. We Googled it when we got home and found out it is an Atlas Moth. Oh, and can you spot the Luna Moth? So cool.
This one caught Madeleine by surprise.
I think this was one of the best photos I took all day - it's an Orange-Tip.
Or maybe this was the best picture of the day, hah!!

After the Conservatory they had a few little exhibits showcasing ants, bees, and even a small aquatic display with fish and little sting rays.

So, that was Butterfly Wonderland. I think it was a fun little place to spend a few hours on a weekend. My only complaint was that it was a bit pricey. As fun as it was, there wasn't that much to the place other than the huge Conservatory. The rest was just filler, and I didn't think necessarily justified the price. If that's not an issue for you though, then definitely check it out.


  1. Multiple trips to that area and I never came across this attraction! You'll have to go again if/when we ever get ourselves out your way!

  2. It's fairly new; maybe two years now.