Fan Girl - Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is back in all its soap opera glory. Have you been watching?
Here are my thoughts on how the season is going so far for all our favorite characters.

Robert - Same old Robert.

Cora - OMG, Cora actually has a story line. This last episode was the most onscreen time I think she has ever had. Kudos to her for putting Robert in his place too.

Dowager Countess - Don't ever change, Violet. Don't ever change.

Isobel - I would date the guy just to spite the Dowager.

Lady Mary - Three lovers now and only one was her husband. Mary's officially a slut.

Lady Edith - Can Lady Edith have one good thing happen to her? Seriously, I'm surprised she's not suicidal by this point. One good thing, that's all I ask.

Lady Rose - Not much going on for Lady Rose this season other than a little comic relief. 

Tom - Just get over yourself already and accept you're one of them now. Also, does he maybe have a thing for Mary?

Carson & Mrs. Hughes - Get a room you two!

Anna & Mr. Bates - Ugh! I thought we were done with this story line.  

Mrs. Patmore - Could she have an actual story please? We don't care about her random nephew that we never met.

Daisy - I'm kind of over Daisy. If she's so unhappy in her current position, why doesn't she just move to her farm and leave the show?

Mr. Barrow - The scheming is getting old, but looks like there's a new story line cooking for him.

Mr. Molesley - Mostly just comic relief, but I like his friendship with Baxter.

Baxter - So, she stays like we all knew she would. Now what?

Miss Bunting - I agree with Robert. Get rid of her, Tom! Miss Bunting has got to go.

When you think about it, it's really a very silly show. I love the setting and costumes too much to ever give it up though. 

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