2015 Golden Globe Fashion - Halters and One-Shouldered

Today let's look at all the Golden Globe dresses with halter and one-shouldered necklines.

Calista Flockhart
Calista Flockhart wore this white Raoul gown with jeweled halter neckline. I liked this look on her a lot. It's understated and simple. Halter tops are all about showing off your shoulders, and this one does it perfectly. She looks lovely.

Taylor Schilling
Nominee, Taylor Schilling, wore this red Ralph Lauren number. This look was great from the waist up. The halter top is so flattering, and her hair and make-up looked great and complimented the look. I thought the bottom of the dress was too big though. It would have been so hot if it was column silhouette instead. The dress was different and bold though, so I give her big props for that.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston, also a nominee, wore this black Saint Laurent dress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look. It fits her well, and the sequined bodice and cummerbund waist adds a bit of drama; all the while still looking very California casual. It totally works, but...she does this same look all the time. Because of that, even though the dress isn't boring in of itself, the whole look still feels a bit boring to me.

Uzo Aduba
Another nominee, from Orange is the New Black, Uzo Aduba wore this silver and red metallic Randi Rahm gown. I'm afraid this was not a great look on her. Like I said, halter tops accentuate the shoulder, so if you have broader shoulders they are not the dresses for you. The dress itself isn't my favorite either. It looks really heavy - like chainmail, and I think sort of cheap.

Emily Blunt
Nominee (and one of my favorite actresses), Emily Blunt, wore this lovely white Michael Kors dress. I loved this entire look. The fabric drapes beautifully, and the dress fits her perfectly. Her hair was just adorable, and the turquoise jewelry accented the entire look well. My only complaint was the cut-out on her stomach. I can't quite tell if it is distracting, or if it makes the whole look. What did you think?

Alright, onto the one-shouldered dresses!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
I thought Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked fantastic in this white Narcisco Rodriguez gown. I liked the simple, clean silhouette on her. Again, not the most exciting dress, but it fits her very well. The hair and jewelry really compliment the look well too. I hope I look this good when I am her age.

Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette wore this black Escada number. This dress has way too much fabric on the one shoulder and is just overwhelming her. The overall fit on her is not great either. Unfortunately, not the best look for her.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum looked ever the super model in this red Atelier Versace gown. She really looks fantastic. I didn't love how the neckline was sweetheart on one side and one-shoulder on the other, but she's really so beautiful that it's not as distracting as it would be on someone else. I loved her hair, make-up, and accessories too. Great look!

Laura Carmichael
Laura Carmichael wore this black James Galanos dress. It fits her well, but what is with the starfish? The dress is so simple that I agree it needed some embellishment, but why not put it up on her shoulder? As it is, it's placed in such an odd spot - I just didn't get it. This was just an okay look for me. 

Amy Adams
Amy Adams, a winner that night, wore this gorgeous blue Atelier Versace gown. On the surface it looks like another simple dress, but there is so much going right here that really elevates it to one of the best looks of the night. The draping of the fabric that starts on her hips and moves upwards and over the shoulder is so flattering. Then, the small train makes for a great silhouette. Finally, the color is so different and very flattering on her. Awesome job!!

All photos from here, except for Calista Flockhart's photo which was from here.

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