2015 Golden Globe Fashion - The Plunging V-Neck

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Are you ready to talk about the dresses? I was actually a little disappointed in them. They weren't boring exactly, but most just so simple. There wasn't a lot of "wow" factor on the red carpet this year. In the past I've broken down the dresses mostly by color, but I thought I'd mix it up this time and break them down by neckline instead. Did I just blow your mind with that, or what? I hope you can handle it.

I'm going to start off with what was probably the highlight neckline of the night...THE PLUNGING V-NECK. It actually wasn't the most popular neckline (by my calculations that goes to the basic strapless), but they were definitely the most fun and daring dresses of the night.

Jessica Chastain
Let's start with Jessica Chastain and her beautiful Atelier Versace bronze gown. This was such a beautiful gown, and so flattering on her. Her cleavage looks perfect, but I thought this dress really accentuated her waist more than anything. Everything is drawing the eye to the knot in the middle giving her a perfect hourglass shape. The color is gorgeous, and really different. We usually see a lot of metallics on the red carpet, but mostly silvers. The bronze color was lovely, and really makes her red hair pop too. Speaking of which, her hair looked perfect. Everything was just spot on for me. She looked amazing.

Lana Del Rey
I wanted to show Lana Del Ray's aqua colored gown (couldn't find the designer) next because it is surprising similar to Jessica Chastain's, yet was just so, so bad. The main reason - Lana's dress was folded like window blinds (versus Jessica's gathered fabric). It's so weird, and on satin too. Then, the color is so bright that it just accentuates the folds even more. If this dress were a darker color it would have worked so much better. She has some cool hair though. I'll give her that.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Next up is Gwyneth Paltrow in a bubble gum pink Michael Kors dress. I actually thought this dress was only okay. In fact, the color is the only thing saving it from being boring. It fits her great and the plunging v-neck gives some visual interest to it, but overall it's not that exciting. Her hair and make-up looked great though, and really gave the look a whole beach-y, relaxed vibe that although nice, was perhaps just a tad too casual for the night.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale wore my current favorite designer, Elie Saab. I loved the color, and the contrast between the structured, sparkly top and the soft, flowy bottom. Her hair and make-up look great too. The only thing that wasn't working for me were her earrings. The top half of her dress brought enough visual interest near her face that she could have made due with a much smaller pair of earrings. Overall, good job though.

Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet wore this J. Mendel gown, and I surprisingly liked it. I guess, if you're going to wear a drape-y, bohemian gown to the Golden Globes than this is the one to wear. The icy blue (white, silver, lavender?) color keeps the look light despite all the fabric. She wisely wore her hair up too. Although it's not accentuated, you can definitely see her figure here - the plunging v-neck helps with that. The risk with a dress like this is that you'll just get lost in it and it winds up wearing you instead, but I don't think that happened here. Nice job!

Claire Danes
Next we have Claire Danes wearing a patterned Valentino gown. Her plunging v-neck was technically covered with sheer fabric, but I'm still counting it. The reason why...this dress should have been a straight-up plunging v-neck. It would have worked so much better without that sheer cover. It's very dark and busy, but I think I see what she saw in the dress. It had potential. Perhaps we'd all be singing a different tune if we saw her lovely decolletage shining through instead. Her hair and make-up looked great though. Another very natural look. You'll get 'em next time, Claire.

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller wore this lovely white, embroidered Miu Miu gown. I thought this was a beautiful dress. There were some fit issues with the bodice, but other than that - no complaints. Her hair and make-up looked super cute and complimented the look perfect. Good job!

Amy Poehler
As host, Amy Poehler had a few different looks that night, but this purple Stella McCartney gown was by far the best one. This dress is perfection and fits her so perfectly. I would wear this dress in a heart beat. The overall look could have been improved though. Although I liked the necklace, I feel it was a bit distracting. The whole point of the plunging v-neck is to show some skin, so why not just let it be the star? With the hair down I would have gone with no accessories at all. I still loved it though, and this was one of my favorite looks of the night.

Jennifer Lopez
Of course, we couldn't leave out Jennifer Lopez wearing Zuhair Murad Haute Couture. This dress was probably the most talked about of the night (Jeremy Renner's joke didn't help), but to me this dress was a hot mess. There is way too much going on here - sparkles, seams, sleeves, and a cape! It's too much. Plus, the color, or rather the lack of color was a missed opportunity. Her cleavage looked good (despite the wire/tape peeking out - not a nipple) and her eyes looked pretty fierce. Overall though, it just looks like she's trying way too hard.

 Kate Hudson
My pick for the best plunging v-neck of the night was Kate Hudson's white Atelier Versace gown. The silhouette of this dress is gorgeous (love the mermaid trail) and the fabric looks devine. The sequined stripes and cut-outs define the waist and add visual contrast. The wide plunging v-neck was the most dramatic of the night. She's actually showing far more skin than Jennifer Lopez, and somehow comes off looking far more classy. Finally, her hair and make-up worked to compliment the sleek look. This is what a Golden Globes dress should be.

What did you think of all the plunging v-neck gowns. It's a look made for the tall, thin, and small chested (so basically the exact opposite of me). They're different though...very dramatic; so I like them. I wonder if this trend will continue throughout the awards season.

All photos from here except for Amanda Peete's which was from here.

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