2015 Golden Globe Fashion - V-Necks and Sweethearts

Today we're looking at the dresses with v-neck and sweetheart necklines. Let's start with the v-necks. On the off chance you don't know the difference between a regular v-neck and a plunging v-neck, the below picture captures the difference perfectly.

Jessica Lange
Nominee, Jessica Lange, wore a red J. Mendel gown with a black belt and clutch. I liked the way the fabric folded around the sleeves. It was a nice detail. The dress is very age appropriate, but a little plain. I also thought the belt was a bit distracting. I liked her hair, but wished she had added more jewelry. A bracelet or long earrings would have upped the fanciness factor a lot. 

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon, from Orange is the New Black, wore this black Christian Siriano gown. I didn't like the swirls, but I did like the train a lot. This dress would have worked better for me if it was just all solid black instead. She also could have gone without the necklace. Necklaces with a v-neck are hit or miss, and I thought this one was a miss. Mostly though, I just really wish she went back to being a redhead or blonde. The jet black hair does not look good on her.

Jemima Kirke
I kind of liked Jemima Kirke's two-piece Rosie Assoulin gown. If nothing else, it was different and suits her bohemian style. The two different fabrics work well together, and the long cape helps elevate the whole look from simple to a space queen. Her hair and make-up really compliment the look. Good job!

Rene Russo
It's been ages since I've seen Rene Russo on a red carpet. At first glance I actually thought this was the chick from Nashville, and couldn't figure out why she looked so off. Anyway, Rene chose this navy blue and black J. Mendel gown and looks lovely. Navy blue and black is such a cool combination, and I think it worked well here. Instead of the long earrings though, I would have chosen a big jeweled pendant. The look is pretty plain, and needed a little more sparkle. Her hair and make-up look nice too.

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick wore this blush Monique Lhuillier gown with berry colored accents. I'm glad she opted for the classic ball gown look, and this dress is really pretty. The color is not great on her though and washes her out. It's also a little too long. The look could have been improved if she left her hair down. The bun is too severe and clashes with the softness of the dress. Great dress, just not on her.

Next, let's move onto the sweetheart necklines!!

Kerry Washington
I wasn't a fan of Kerry Washington's Mary Katrantzou gown. It looks simple, but actually there is way too much going on here. First, the color blocking. I much preferred the darker color and wished the entire dress was just that color. Where the color change occurs also makes her hips look extra wide. Next, there is the pattern. It's too busy, and again would have worked better if the dress was just one color. It would have provided a nice texture then without being distracting. I didn't care for the sleeves either, and would have preferred to just let the sweetheart neckline be the star. Finally, the shoes and accessories just don't match. This was one big miss for me.

Natasha Lyonne
For Natasha Lyonne, this cobalt blue column dress (couldn't find the designer) was fantastic! As an overall Golden Globe look though, it was only okay. She has a very straight figure that is accentuated by the column silhouette of this gown. However, the sweetheart neckline and wavy hair really soften the whole look. This is the most feminine I have seen her look in a long time. So, a win for her, but far from the best of the evening.

Zosia Mamet
Zosia Mamet from HBO's Girls donned a gray and pink Jason Gn two-piece gown. This was a miss for me too. Both the bodice and the skirt are much too long for her. Despite the two different colors, the dress is lacking contrast. It's need more texture, and either the top or bottom should have been made out of a different material or had some embellishments. The jewelry was too simple and the grayish hair color was just awful. She also needs to learn how to pose on the red carpet because her slumped shoulders aren't doing her any favors either.

Gina Rodriguez
Surprise winner, Gina Rodriguez, wore this black Badgley Mischka gown. She looked very pretty, but this dress is just so simple. There is some sort of macrame detail on the bottom half, but it hardly showed up on camera. Great hair and earrings though. Overall though, not a bad job for the newbie.


Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren knocked it out of the park in this red Dolce & Gabbana gown. It fits her like a glove. It's modest, but the sweetheart neckline makes it a little sexy too. It's simple, but the embellishments around the neckline add glamour. Her earrings are gorgeous, and her hair was super cute. I could have done without the Charlie Hebdo tribute pen attached, but if anyone could pull it off it's her. Well done Dame Helen!!

What was your favorite of this bunch? It was slim pickings, I thought. Thank goodness for Helen Mirren!!

All photos from here.

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