Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a very happy New Year, and I hope you like the new name and look of the blog!!

Are you wondering though, why the change?

Well, the blog is officially 1 year old today. (Yay!!) I had originally created it to chronicle my life starting over in Arizona, but I feel like it morphed into something more than that over the past year. Some of my favorite posts I wrote had nothing to do with starting from scratch at all, and I just no longer felt the title of the blog was reflective of the content.

But why Pretty Handsome?

First, it's an inside joke between Bill and I; so it has some personal meaning for me. 

For the blog though, I thought it would be a cool title because this is my small way of bringing a bit more beauty into the world. I want to make my little world a pretty and cheerful one. Whether it's great design, a beautiful celebrity gown, a fun day with my family, or a gripping book I'm reading - these are the things that make me happy and make me feel good, and I like to write about them. They make me feel pretty handsome, and I hope they inspire you to feel that way too.


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