Let's Go To The Movies - Into the Woods and The Imitation Game

I saw two good movies last weekend while my sister was in town. First, us girls went to see Into the Woods, the fairy tale adventure that explores the age old careful what you wish for.  I was a little nervous about this one, as it is one of my very favorite musicals. I get very emotionally attached to books and music sometimes, and I always worry that the film world won't do them justice; all the while hoping that they will.

With Into the Woods, I think they did an okay job. They certainly didn't botch it, but I did think it could have been better. First, as good as Meryl Streep was, the witch will always be Bernadette Peters for me. I know most think Meryl can do know wrong, and she was good, but I would have love, love, loved to see Bernadette reprise the role for the film. That would have been amazing.

My other complaint was that they cut out a few songs. I'm not sure the story was as clear or clever without them. It all made sense to me because I know the story so well, but maybe it might not have been as clear for an audience that was unfamiliar.

Thankfully, there was a lot to like too. Emily Blunt was amazing as the Baker's Wife. Anna Kendrick, as Cinderella, was stellar too. I also loved Lilla Crawford's voice as Little Red Riding Hood. I'm always amazed when I hear such a crystal clear voice from a child. Finally, Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen as Prince Charming and Rapunzel's Prince respectively were hilarious. So, all in all, the casting was pretty spot-on.

I also enjoyed the feel of the film. The woods are practically a character in themselves, and the moody and dark environment they created was perfect. And of course, the costumes were pretty amazing too.

So, all in all, if you're not familiar with the musical you may actually love this film. If you're a super Into the Woods fan like myself, you may not love it, but you won't be disappointed either.

Next up, Bill and I got out for a date night, and after a yummy dinner at Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House we went to see The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I had really been looking forward to seeing this film ever since I listened to Benedict Cumberbatch's interview on The Nerdist podcast (a new favorite, see here).

The Imitation Game is the true story of Alan Turing, the English mathematician hired by the British government to crack the uncrackable German coding machine, the Enigma. When it became obvious to Turing that the only thing capable of cracking this machine was another machine, he began building essentially one of the very first computers to do so.

Both Bill and I really liked this movie. It was so inspiring. Turing was a hero of World War II, but no one ever knew for decades because his work was all destroyed after the war to protect what he and his team had done. Turing's life after the war was such a sad part of the story. I won't give it away, but it's so terrible how he was treated. What happened to him should not have happened to anyone, but perhaps if the world had known what a hero he was it might not have happened to him.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. It was just such a good story. So good that I want to know more of it. I've put Alan Turing: The Enigma on my must-read list.

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