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You may have seen sneak peeks of our new drapes in some past posts. We actually got them back in October, but the house was decorated for Halloween...then Madeleine's birthday...and then Christmas! All the holiday madness is behind us now, and I was finally able to get the dining room and living room back in order and photograph the new drapes.

To refresh your memory, the dining room originally looked like this.
And now...
Then the living room originally looked like this.
And now...
Here's the thing about a general rule - hang 'em high and hang 'em wide. I knew I wanted the drapes to go from the floor all the way up past the arched windows...which means, I had to go custom because of the height of the dining room window. What I didn't know, is that custom can get really, really expensive. I thought we were going to be out of luck for awhile, and even considered trying to make them myself. Hah-hah...I know, right.
Thankfully, I discovered The Shade Store! I found the website and started playing around, and I realized this was actually within my price range. Yes, finally!! Next, I ordered some swatches and picked my favorite. Their website is super easy to navigate, but I had some questions. This was a big purchase for us; so I mostly wanted to talk it through with someone, and maybe see a few things in person. They don't have a lot of showrooms, but one of them happened to be in town. So, I drove over one day during my lunch break.
They were so helpful, and I got all my questions answered. They really helped me to figure out the correct measurements I needed in order to get the look I wanted. I couldn't have been happier with the whole shopping experience.
They ordered the drapes for me, and they came so quick!! We opted to try and install them ourselves, but they can arrange for help if you need it. Bill did the bulk of the install, but you know I supervised...I mean, helped. We had no problems with the install either. Starting with the smaller window, we finished it in one night; then tackled the tall window the next. The only tools we needed were a drill, laser level, masking tape, and a ladder. Actually, the biggest obstacle for us was just dealing with the height of the dining room window.
The actual drapes we chose were the Ripple Fold Drapery style, the Sheer Elegance fabric, and the color Winter. I wanted a fabric that would allow the light to shine through, but give us a bit of privacy. I couldn't be happier with how they look. I love the track system they are on sleek and modern. Because of the height, I had to get pull strings on the side if I wanted to open and close them, and they work great. We usually just keep them closed, but it is nice to have the option to easily open them too.
I did think about using the drapes as a way to bring in more color or pattern into the room, but the white sheers just felt right to me. Like the walls, they just seemed like too big a commitment to get wrong. No matter how my furniture tastes may change, the white will continue to work for a long time.
For the most part, the kids leave them alone too. I was a little worried about that one. Seamus likes to crawl behind the couch sometimes, but he's slowly learning that is not allowed. I am pretty diligent about making sure everyone has clean hands when they go in there though.

This room is definitely the most finished in the house now, but it still has a way to go. New light fixtures are on the top of my list, but we also need area rugs and new dining room chairs among other things. Slowly but surely.

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I just had such a good experience with them, so I wanted to share.

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