Throw Pillow Drama

For some reason I have trouble with throw pillows. I love the idea of mixing different textures and patterns, but have a hard time executing it. Also, I change my mind a lot, so I haven't really pulled the trigger on anything yet. We've had the below simple navy blue throw pillows for the last year. I actually love these pillows (available here from Target). They are so soft and comfy, but the look was kind of boring.
I've been eyeballing the below pillows from Crate and Barrel for months and months now. On a random trip there I spied the pillow covers sitting in the corner. When I found out they were only $7.50 each it was a no brainer. They're no longer online, but you may be able to find them in-store still.
So, here are the new pillows. They look much better. The texture and pattern really bring a lot of visual interest to the couch.
The bad news is I don't think they go with the original pillows. The blues don't work together. I need to find something that pops a little more. So, the search continues.
We're still using both pillows though, as the combination is actually really comfortable.
I know it's a small improvement, but it makes me happy. I was mostly happy that I was able to get something I really wanted for only $15. Yay!

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