Touring Arizona - Cave Creek Trailrides

I wanted to do something nature-y while my sister was visiting. Normally, I'd be up for a hike, but I'm still nursing my sprained ankle. So, instead we went horseback riding. I booked through Cave Creek Trail Rides, and we had such a nice time.

We headed over to Cave Creek Regional Park where they have a small corral set up. It was so pretty nestled in among the foothills.
We headed off on our 90 minute trail ride. My horses' name was Jake. Man, I forgot how big horses are, and wide (I was sore for days afterwards). We had great weather too. It was in the high 50s - really nice in the sun, and cool in the shade.
The horses liked to walk on the edge of the trails. Our guide told us it is their natural instinct to do so in case they have to flee a predator quickly. I'll admit it freaked me out a bit. I kept trying to get my horse to move inwards, but he was all, "dude, I got this, just let me do my thing.
This was such a nice way to spend a morning, and such a different experience than hiking. I really enjoyed it.
Our view from the top!
I love this picture that Bill took with his GoPro.
I just love how much there is to do here. Back in the mid-west we'd be hibernating inside this time of year, and it's still so novel that this is how we get to spend our winters.

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