Vegetable of the Month - Broccoli Part 2

Alright, here's the second broccoli recipe I tried this month. If you're wondering what this post is all about check out the start of the series here for the run down.

I was torn between a couple of different recipes, but ultimately decided on Broccomole!!

Vegetable - Broccoli
Recipe - Broccomole
I made the above recipe last night, and munched on it with some tortilla chips. Bill liked it and declared he would eat it again, but I was a little disappointed. There are certain foods that I like (for example, banana and yogurt) that are okay (even good) the first few bites, but then as I continue to eat will make me start to gag. (Does this happen to anyone else?) This, for me, was another one of those foods. I didn't mind it at first, but after about five bites I was over it. It was more peppery than I would have preferred, and I didn't care for the texture. A little grainy, and not as creamy as I would have liked; but I may be able to improve that by tweaking the recipe a bit.

I certainly didn't hate this recipe, but when it comes down to it; this is not as good as guacamole and never will be. 

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