Vegetable of the Month - Broccoli

I'm not a big fan of vegetables, and would rather eat just about anything else. I want my kids to be veggie eaters though. I do make them, and the main ones we eat are asparagus, green beans, and carrots. I mostly just steam them or saute them in olive oil and lightly salt. I've actually learned to...well I wouldn't say "like" is the right word, but at least tolerate these three. I'd like a little more out of my vegetable eating experience though.

We've been lucky that Madeleine is a fantastic eater, and will gobble down vegetables with no issue. Seamus, on the other hand, not so much. It was quite a victory for us when we finally got him to eat asparagus. We had to completely cover it with Parmesan cheese, but it worked. Right now, that's the only vegetable he will eat.

So, in an effort to help him and me eat more veggies, I'm happy to present a new segment on the blog, the Vegetable of the Month! Each month I'll pick a new vegetable; one that I either don't like or have never tried, and prepare two new recipes with it. Let's get started!

This month we're doing broccoli; one of my all time, least favorite veggies.

Vegetable - Broccoli

I made the above recipe last Saturday with Tilapia and potatoes. It was really easy to prepare, and best of was good!! Seriously, I never like broccoli, and I ate this all right up. I was completely shocked. The broccoli had a nice crunch to it, and really good flavor (although I did put a bit too much lemon on it). I would definitely eat this again. Yay!

The bad news, neither kid like it. Seamus didn't even try it, and Madeleine said she didn't like the pepper. Although, I kind of wonder if she was tasting the lemon or maybe seeing the pepper flakes freaked her out; I don't know. I think though, that with time they'll learn to like this one. If I liked it, than there's hope for anyone out there.

I can't tell you how happy I am that the first recipe was a success. I was so afraid I would make it and be like, yeah, still hate broccoli. I'm sure they won't all be winners, but at least we're off to a good start.

I'm not sure what the second broccoli recipe will be yet, but I have a few contenders. Stay tuned.

Do you like broccoli? What vegetables do you love or hate? If you have any great broccoli recipes, send them my way.

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