2015 Oscar Fashion - The Better

Ready for more dresses!?! Here are the looks I thought fell in the middle of the pack.

Meryl Streep 
Nominee, Meryl Streep, wore this black and white two-piece dress by Lanvin. This is her uniform, and she wears it well. It's classic, if not a little boring. I would have opted not to wear the tuxedo jacket. The black velvet of the skirt looks so luxurious, and the jacket brings the fanciness factor down a few notches. Her earrings were fun; and the hair and make-up are all up to par.

Reese Witherspoon
Nominee, Reese Witherspoon, also wore black and white. Her off-the-shoulder Tom Ford gown fit like a glove. It's very simple, but still makes a statement. I didn't love the black bands; but, again, the fit of this dress is so perfect it makes up for everything. I thought she could have gone a little bolder with the hair and make-up though, but the jewelry is pretty spectacular. Not bad, Reese!

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington wore this two-piece, cream, Miu Miu number. There was a bit of a disconnect between the top and bottom half of this dress. There are fit issues with the top, and the embroidered satin feels a little too casual. I loved the skirt though. The beading provides nice texture, and still comes off as fluid and light. It was the right move wearing her hair down, but I would have loved to see some wave in it. Her make-up and accessories were both a little light, but her skin looks amazing!

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie wore this lovely, black, Saint Laurent dress. I loved the slinky, boudoir feel of it. The slouchy fit actually works really well here. I thought the necklace was the wrong choice though. If there was ever a dress that should be oozing with diamonds, this is it. Her hair looked great, and the bold red lip was perfect. Well done, Margot!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez wore an embellished nude gown by my very favorite designer, Elie Saab. I love the ethereal feel of his gowns and his amazing bead work. So, I was surprised that I didn't love this look. Except for the lavender lips (odd choice), she is head-to-toe in the same color, or non-color rather. If the dress was a different color, or her nails, or her get the idea; there's no contrast here! All the focus is on her (surprise, surprise) boobs, and with a dress this lovely it shouldn't be. I loved the dress, but the overall look fell flat.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis wore this Zac Posen dress in a dusty rose color. There was some fit issues going on along the neckline, and I think the necklace was the wrong choice; but overall I liked this look. With her gorgeous skin color she usually rocks the jewel tone dresses, so I thought this was a nice change of pace for her that still worked. The make-up was a little heavy, but at least she brought some drama. She's also rocking her new short hairstyle. Go, Viola!

Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike wore this fantastic, Givenchy Haute Couture, red gown. She's struggled with her styling all awards season, so I was happy to see this pretty and pulled together look on her. The dress fits her well, has texture, a little flow, and was such a great color. I would have liked to see more jewelry, but that's really my only complaint. Her hair and make-up looked great, and those shoes are killer!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga wore this stunning Azzedine Alaia white gown with silver detailing. The dress is actually pretty damn near perfect...just gorgeous. It's Lady Gaga though, so you know she has to bring some crazy. The red gloves were an...interesting choice? And I didn't mind the coral in her hair; it looked great, as did her make-up. Actually, my biggest complaint was how stiff she was. She held her arms out very strangely on the red carpet. As much as I loved the dress (and I did) if it constricts your movement that much then it's not the right dress.

Laura Dern
Nominee, Laura Dern, wore this Alberta Ferretti metallic number. I actually really liked the whole Joan of Arc look on her. The fabric looks like hard metal, but still has a fluidity to it. The contrast between how it looked and how it moved really worked for me. The pendent was unnecessary. The dress provides enough visual interest on its own. Her hair and make-up looked pretty great. Overall, very nice look.

Julianne Moore
Nominee and winner that night, Julianne Moore, wore this Chanel Haute Couture white gown with black accents. My only complaint with the dress was the black band around her hips. The placement was odd, and I think it would have worked better around her waist or...not at all. I loved everything else though. The dress was glamorous and had nice texture and movement. Her hair and make-up were flawless. Congratulations, Julianne!

Tomorrow we'll unveil the best of the best. Stay tuned!

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