Disney Project - So Dear To My Heart

To refresh your memory, at the beginning of last year I decided to watch all the Disney movies ever made in chronological order. Why, I don't know why, because I'm just weird like that. Lists are my jam, and it gives a sense of purpose to a very un-purposeful use of my time.

The next movie on the list was 1948's So Dear to My Heart.
This is a cute little film about a country boy, Jerry, who adopts a mischievous black lamb and hopes to show him at the County Fair. He learns various life lessons throughout with the help of his Granny, Uncle, and cousin, Tildy.

Like quite a few Disney films before this, So Dear to My Heart, is a mix of live action and animation. Although, for the first time, the animation is not the star. I love that we're starting to see the same actors pop up in each movie too. Bobby Driscoll (Jerry) and Luana Patten (Tildy) were the Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez of that time. This is the second Disney movie Bobby Driscoll has been in so far, and the third for Luana Patten. This was also the first Disney movie for the great Burl Ives. Even back then, when you were in with Disney, you were set.

I enjoyed the film. It's a little slow, but so sweet and innocent. Disney hadn't quite hit their stride with the live action films yet, but it's a fun taste of the goodness that is yet to come. The live action films of the 50's and 60's are some of my favorites. Stay tuned!

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