Let's Go To The Movies - Black or White

I saw Black or White, starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, over the weekend with some friends. I must confess I didn't have much interest in seeing this film, but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Kevin Costner plays recent widower, Elliot, who has raised his half-black granddaughter, Eloise (played by Jillian Estell) since birth. His daughter died in childbirth with Eloise, and the father is out of the picture. Octavia Spencer plays Rowena, Eloise's paternal grandmother. Now that Elliot's wife has passed too, Rowena feels Eloise would be better off with her, and a bitter custody battle ensues.

This is the second Kevin Costner film I've seen recently (other one here) that has surprised me. He may not be the box office draw he once was, but Kevin Costner can still carry a film. Octavia Spencer also shined, and these two had fantastic chemistry playing off each other. Obviously, race was a big theme here, and the film did a good job of exploring the issue in a real and honest way.

I highly recommend seeing this film.

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