My How They've Grown

In August, 2013, I randomly snapped this picture of Madeleine and Seamus that instantly became one of my favorites. It's so rare to get them both looking at the camera and smiling. Madeleine was two and a half and Seamus was 6-months.
In January, 2015 I snapped this one. Madeleine is four and Seamus is 22-months. I didn't even pose them. They were sitting like this already watching a show on an iPad. I just told them both to smile, and they actually did.
As each year passes I get more excited about them. Man, am I glad we are done with infants. Things are less hard now, and more fun (although toddlerhood does present a whole different set of challenges). I like being able to have conversations with Madeleine, and am amazed with how much I can already communicate with Seamus. It's only going to get better.

All that being said...I kind of miss those baby faces.

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