Vegetable of the Month - Beets Part Deux

For our second attempt at beets this month, I decided to (hopefully) make it easy on everyone by making a dessert.

Vegetable - Beets
I'm so glad I tried this recipe, because these were SUPER TASTY!!! I really enjoyed them. I was really skeptical while making them though. The beets smelled just awful after I pureed them, and the batter was a very reddish brown color that just looked off. I was very surprised when they came out of the oven looking like perfect chocolate cupcakes.

To me, they tasted more like muffins - sweet, but not too rich. Bill thought they tasted very rich. I was actually very confused why the kids did not inhale these. Madeleine only picked at hers, but declared she liked it, and Seamus ate the "muffin top," but left the rest. 

I didn't love the unsweetened cocoa powder on top. When I make them again (and I definitely will), I think I'll just sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

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