Vegetable of the Month - Beets

I mentioned here and here that we're exploring a new vegetable each month in an attempt to add more veggies to our diet.

February's vegetable is Beets!!

I've had a few good experiences with beets in restaurants...beet salads and borscht, so I thought we'd give it a try.

Vegetable - Beets
Recipe - Baked Rosemary Beet Chips
This recipe wasn't bad as I made it, but would probably have been a lot better if I followed the instructions better. The recipe said to slice the beet very thin. It said you could use a knife, but that a mandolin should really be used if available. Apparently, we actually do have a mandolin type attachment on our food processor, but I was too impatient and tried to slice them by hand instead. They ended up being way too thick, and were not chip-like at all. They still tasted pretty okay though. I have high hopes that if I work on perfecting this recipe it will be a hit.


  1. Beets are bad. DAD.

    1. I almost put in the post how you hate beets, and that they are about the only food you don't like.