Ch-ch-ch-changes in the Family Room

Remember here when I talked about how I had extra drapes laying around, so I donated them in an attempt to start clearing the clutter around the house? You know, because I was never going to use them.

Yeah...we had a little incident, and I really could have used them. The stomach flu hit our house and well...Madeleine got sick, and well...there was splatter. I couldn't find a tag on the drapes with washing instructions, so I decided to risk it, and well...there was shrinkage.

We had to get new drapes and fast as the sun seriously beats in this window at certain times of day and company was coming over in a few weeks. I picked up these from Target, and they're working pretty well so far. I like the color, texture, and that they are light blocking. We re-used the rod we already had up, so we'll have to change that at some point. Grommet style drapes look best on a thicker rod (something like these). The only thing I don't like is that the fabric is a little stiff and feels very much like the polyester it is, but they're fine for now.
I also added another set of throw pillows to the couch. I mentioned here how I finally pulled the trigger on some new black and blue throw pillows that I really liked. I love the look of mixing patterned pillows together, but man...that's easier said than done. Here's my first attempt.
I found these white and yellow pillows at Target and picked up two of them. Here's why I think they work in case you're wondering how to mix pillow patterns yourself.

1. The colors coordinate. Blue and yellow are both primary colors and work well together. The black in the one pillow also goes well with yellow.

2. They are not the same size. The yellow pillow is a bit smaller than the blue, which works well when layering one in front of the other.

3. The are different textures. Both pillows have a raised texture to them, but not the same texture. The more textures the better when mixing pillows.

4. The patterns give nod to each other. Although not the same at all, they are both colored geographic prints with white negative space.

The real key to styling (and what separates the professionals from the rest of us lay people) is the ability to coordinate items instead of matching them. These pillows don't match, but they do go together (at least I think they do).
I got two of them for now because I like symmetry (and because they were super cheap), but ideally I'd like to find a third style to mix in. Either a solid in a coordinating color (pink or green) or if I'm really up for a challenge - a third pattern!! 
Oh, and obviously the blue in the pillow is repeated in the new drapes. The entire room is slowly starting to feel intentional. There's still a lot more to do though. After looking at these pictures I'm thinking the orange side table definitely needs to go, but that's a whole other can of worms.

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