Let's Get Dirty

I asked Seamus a little bit ago whether he wanted a dinosaur party or a truck party (his two current passions). Fully expecting him to say dinosaurs, he of course picked trucks. I started thinking about making him some sort of firetruck cake when Madeleine had the most brilliant idea - a dirt cake! I'm pretty sure she had no idea what a dirt cake actually is, or what brought it to mind, but it was perfect. I decided to make him a dirt cake decorated with some small construction trucks.
I had never made a dirt cake, but it was super easy. We used this recipe, and I put it in a clear baking dish instead of a flower pot. I also used chocolate pudding instead of vanilla. I thought it turned out pretty cute. It was good too. The one thing we shouldn't have done though was put gummy worms in it. We thought it would be cute, but the gummy worms changed the flavor of the cake around each one. I much preferred the taste of the areas that were pure cookie/pudding deliciousness.

It was only the four of us for his birthday this year, but we still wanted it to be a party. We spent the morning at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Then, while Seamus was napping, we decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons. When he woke up we did cake and presents right away, so that he would have plenty of time to enjoy his new toys. The rest of the day was spent playing inside and out and we had pizza for dinner (his favorite food). It was a really fun day.

I can't believe my baby is two years old!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Seamus! What an adorable little guy! Beautiful family! I made this dirt cake for my nephew and he loved it! Thanks for posting it :)

    1. Thanks so much, and thanks so much for reading!