Touring Phoenix - Children's Museum of Phoenix

We decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum of Phoenix for Seamus' birthday. We always try to take them somewhere special on their birthday to celebrate a little, and this fit the bill. First off, I love the exterior of the museum. The museum is housed in what used to be the Monroe School. It's a great old building that was built in 1913 and was the largest elementary school west of the Mississippi at the time. It actually has a pretty famous alum too - Jackson Pollock went there. The place is pretty massive and its long wide hallways are flanked by room after room that are now filled with all sorts of fun experiences for kids.

The main entrance to the museum is actually in the back, and the first thing you encounter when you walk in is the most enormous jungle gym that I have ever seen in my life. It was pretty awesome.
Madeleine ran right in, and we quickly lost sight of her. Seamus gave it a try, but the shaky floors made him nervous. He instead played with the dinosaurs on the ground level. We literally had no idea where Madeleine was in this thing, so Bill went into find her, and eventually we made our way into the rest of the museum.

There was so much to do. We rode tricycles through pretend car washes.
Drove motorcycles and pickle cars.
We also played in a pretend grocery store, went through a giant pool noodle maze, made some slime, and did a few art projects.
Both kids had a great time. Madeleine was the perfect age for this place. Seamus was still a little young yet and required quite a bit of wrangling (but when doesn't he need to be wrangled). There's nothing really for adults to do other than watch your kids have fun, but that's the point, right? I picture us going here a lot when summertime is here. It will be a great place to escape the heat and let the kids get all their energy out.

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