My New Ride

My husband, Bill, has pretty much gone from never having biked before to apparently training for the Tour de France in the last 9 months. When he went in, he went all in. He clocks about 100 miles a week (and even did 100 miles in one day once). He has dozens of jerseys and tons of gear. Oh, and he's dropped 20 pounds to boot too. To say he has found a new love is an understatement, so it was only a matter of time before his new passion trickled down to me.

I got a bike!

Specifically, I got a Giant Liv Alight 2, and it's pretty sweet. It's a road bike, but has mountain bike handle bars. It's super light, and rides fast. Plus, it's a cool raisin color that I love. The first time I rode it I was surprised at how freeing it felt - like being a kid again, and I could see why Bill likes it so much. I'm only going about 5 miles at a time when I take it out, but I've noticed that each time I go a little faster and it gets a little easier.

Do you ride a bike? What kind do you have?

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