Presents for Me!

Bill was pretty smart this year, and asked me exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I gave him a list of four things, and got two of them. I was pretty excited, because they're things I've been wanting for a while - just never pulled the trigger.

First, The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz (remember from this Crush List). It's such a beautiful book; with so many details and photos from all my favorite films. It's going to take me forever to flip through and absorb it all. Can't wait!
Next up, this Parisian Restaurant Lego set. Madeleine and Seamus are pretty into Duplo at the moment, and I must confess I'm enjoying them all as well. I wanted something a lot more challenging though and, well...more me. So this 2,469 piece set was right up my alley. I'm having so much fun putting it together each evening, and am amazed how intricate it is.
I really loved both of them, and they're both such great stress relievers. I either get lost in the book or lost in the Legos, and all the stress from the day slowly releases.

What are some of your favorite gifts? Do you Lego? 


  1. I have a had time not helping the twins too much and letting them do their Legos on their own. I wish they had had sets like that when we were kids!

    1. The kids still only have Duplo sets. I'm holding off on actual Legos as long as possible. I'm sure we'll be surrounded by them soon enough. It felt like we had a ton of Legos as a kid, but not really. I must have made that little house about 100 times.