Pretty Pots

When we bought our house we inherited three planters along with it. This large terracotta one has just been sitting in our backyard, like so, for over a year. It's filled with dirt, and the kids have just been digging in it with shovels for the past year or so.
Since we had the pot and all, I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to try growing something; but first, of course, I had to pretty up the pot.

I set Seamus to work, which by the way is a great way to keep a kid busy for a while. "Okay, kiddo, take the dirt from this pot and put it in this wheel barrow."  Just don't try it if you're in a time crunch.
After it was empty, we cleaned and scrubbed it down as best we could.
After it was dry, we spray painted it a nice bright purple. This was my first time spray painting anything, and I must say, it was super fun and easy. I just want to spray paint everything now.
We decided to get a dwarf citrus tree, and after browsing the nursery, we decided on a Clementine tree! It will be a little bit before the tree will bear any fruit (like possibly a year or two), so here's hoping we can keep it alive until then.
I put it in this little corner of our yard. It's the perfect little spot, and I love the bit of color and greenery it adds. It would be great if it grows tall enough to cover the neighbor's satellite dish too.

There you have it, our first foray into gardening. We have two more pots we painted that we still have to find plants for. They're going in the front of the house though, so we're looking for something a bit more decorative; hopefully something that flowers.

Stay tuned.

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