Vegetable of the Month - Eggplant Part Two

It took me a little while to find a second eggplant recipe I was interested in trying. Most were Eggplant Parmesan (or variations thereof) or just a fried variation. I've tried Eggplant Parmesan, and I thought the fried versions were too close to the zucchini recipe we did last month (see here). So, when I stumbled upon some jerky recipes I decided they were just interesting enough to give it a go.

Vegetable - Beets
Recipe - Eggplant Jerky
This one was only okay for me. Considering it took about twelve and half hours to make (1/2 hour prep, 2 hours marinading, 10 hours in the oven)...well, I was hoping for more. I think the concept is good, but it was way too sweet for me. I'd be interested in trying it again with this recipe instead. Maybe it would be the more savory/salty flavor I was hoping for.

The kids tried it, but both gave it up after a few bites. Oh, well.

Sidenote: I think we should all start calling eggplant, "aubergine" like they do in the UK. Way sexier, don't you think?

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