Building A Wardrobe - Summer Tops

I mentioned here that I desperately needed to start building my non-existent wardrobe. With summer approaching, my number one priority was weekend wear. I headed to Old Navy and picked up a few sleeveless tops from Old Navy.

They're really working for me so far. The two eyelet tops are the same style, but different colors/ patterns. They fit nicely along my bust, and then have a slight flow at the bottom that covers my mid-section the way I like. They're great for weekend errands with these simple jean shorts from Target, but I can dress them up easily for work too. Totally versatile.

The v-neck in the middle I like, but haven't worn as much. It needs to be ironed after washing, so it tends to sit in my ironing basket a while after each wear. It looks cute when paired with these chambray shorts from Target and some high heel sandals...a little dressier look for weekend social activities.

Shopping has been a challenge. Besides just finding the time to get out to the stores, it's more work now than fun. I tried on about twenty items and essentially only found two items that fit. I always buy multiple colors if I find something that works now. If I can't build up a lot of variety yet, at least I can build a little volume.

Where are you shopping lately?

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