Madeleine's Room - Progress

We finally painted the kids' rooms!!!!

Only took us a year and half to get to it. It was just one of those projects that kept getting delayed for one reason or another. Completely fed up with the way their rooms looked, I just said, F**k it one day, and called the painters.

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room.
It took me a long time to pick a color (see here and here). I ended up going with Neon Celery by Benjamin Moore. The painters didn't actually use Benjamin Moore paint though, they just color matched it to that color. I don't recall exactly what paint they used, but it was zero VOC. We chose a Flat finish too, which really helps to camouflage textured walls.
Did you notice we removed the chair rail? That's why we had to hire the pros. Normally, Bill and I could have handled removing the rail and patching the drywall, but not with textured walls. The painters were able to exactly match the existing texture. You can't tell there was ever anything there!
I haven't decided what to do with all these blank walls yet. I'm thinking another gallery wall either above her bed or on this wall, and some shelving too.
The ceiling, trim, and doors were all painted the color Pure White by Benjamin Moore too. We used the same Flat finish on the ceiling, but did a Satin finish on the trim and doors.
I love how the white just pops off the green.
The inside of the closet was also painted. I figured if we were going through this much trouble we might as well do it right. The closet walls went Neon Celery too, and all the shelving inside Pure White. I'll post a picture sometime after it's a little more organized.
The "Madeleine" banner is from Piggy Bank Parties. I had ordered it for her birthday party (see here). I love the pops of color, and incorporates the gold accents I'm slowly bringing in as well.
I switched the bedding too. I picked up the Rose Ribbon Bedding quilt and shams, along with the Gold Dot Sheet Set from The Land of Nod. We've all ditched our down comforters for quilts. It's just too hot for down here.
Now that it's painted, I keep asking myself why we waited so long.

It's not done yet, though. I ordered a new shade, which should be here soon. I want to get her a new dresser (maybe, this or this). The baseball ceiling fan still needs to be replaced too. She's grown fond of it though, so that may be a challenge. There are a lot of art and accessories to bring in too. Removing the chair rail and painting was the biggest step though. The rest is just decorating.

Check back on Monday, to see the progress in Seamus' room.

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