2015 Met Gala Fashion Part 2

We have lots more Met Gala fashion to cover today and tomorrow. I highlighted some of my favorites yesterday (see here), but there was a lot more fun fashion to be had.

Beyoncé wore this sheer Givenchy gown with jeweled embellishments. There were quite a few "naked" dresses on the red carpet, and I wasn't a fan. They don't make the statement intended, and lack creativity. It's just a cheap trick. The embellishments on this dress are actually really pretty, and it could have been gorgeous if it was lined and rearranged. The high pony was poorly done, but her make-up was pretty. Missed opportunity, Bey.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks wore this corn flower blue Michael Kors dress. The dress wasn't on theme at all, but she does look pretty fierce. I didn't love the side cut-outs though. It would have been far more chic if the only skin showing was from the plunging neckline. Her hair, make-up, and accessories really complimented the look though. Good job, Elizabeth!

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
The Olsen twins wore vintage Dior, and I'm torn. I think MK is bringing Ashley down here. If you just look at Ashley (right), her dress appears to fit okay, and is working for me. Despite the dark color, it's really light and feminine. Nice juxtaposition. Now look at MK (left). The coat-dress is completely overwhelming her small frame. She reminds me of a child trying on their mother's clothes. Side-by-side her look overshadows Ashley's and they both end up looking like they are swimming in their gowns. Unfortunate for Ashley in this case. Also, as fashion big-wigs, I would have expected them to dress on theme. Kind of disappointing.

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon wore this red Jason Wu number, and if this were the Golden Globes I would have said she nailed it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look. Dress, hair, make-up, and accessories are all great. For the Met Gala though, this is way too boring. I suppose the color gives nod to the theme, but that's it. Reese doesn't take risks with fashion though. She know what works for her and never strays. Not bad though.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren, in Dolce & Gabbana, was so close for me. I would have absolutely loved this look if the dress was lined. I know she's wearing a red bra, but it's not the same red, and I found it distracting. Her hair and make-up looked great though, and those earrings - shut up! You rock, Helen!

Madonna walked the red carpet in this black Moschino gown with white graffiti details. I love Madonna...LOVE her, but this look wasn't working for me. There is just too much going on. The dress itself is not terrible. Not on theme, but bold. The styling killed it though. The leather, finger-less gloves don't match, and what's with the cross-body chain thing (bag, maybe)? Her hair should have been worn up, and I will never, ever support the dark root look. This was a miss for me.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal sported this lovely Roland Mouret number. I don't know what it is about her, but I always enjoy her red carpet style. The dress on its own is nothing special...kind of weird actually, but on her it works. It's not on theme, but it's quirky and different so I'm giving it a thumb's up. Great job, Maggie!

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts wore this stunning, emerald green Ralph Lauren gown. Emma is someone who will always look a lot younger than she is (although she is pretty young still), so I thought this mature, yet fun gown was the right choice. It's sleek as all heck. Loved that bare shoulder! The hair, make-up, and black accessories accented the dress beautifully. Gorgeous!

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence wore this Christian Dior gown. Okay, what's with the bib thing? It just doesn't match at all. It would have made a little bit of sense if it was black, but it's a completely different motif that is not echoed anywhere else on the gown. The pink lipstick also threw me. A bright red lip would have done wonders. The flowers give a little nod to the theme though, and I do like her shoes.


Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt wore this fantastic Prada ensemble. The blue tones look great on her, the Chinoiserie-like embroidery is totally on theme, and come on with that cape! Loved it. The hair, make-up, and accessories compliment the look perfect. So regal, so perfect!

All photos from here, except for Emma Roberts photo which is from here.

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