My L'il Tomboy

My daughter, Madeleine, is a tomboy. I've known this for a while now, yet I continued to buy her dolls and dresses because that's what I knew. Those gender stereotypes are so ingrained in our brains I didn't even realize what I was doing. It took me a long while to figure out the struggles we were having with getting dressed were my problem, not hers. She happily gets dressed when she likes what she is putting on, so for now, dresses and flowy tops (which according to her look too much like dresses) are off the table.

So, I'm continually on the hunt for cute, yet sporty clothes for her to wear. I picked up these Denim Bermuda Shorts from GapKids and am so pleased with them.
These are such great shorts for a toddler girl. They fit great, and are the perfect length. Why are little girls' shorts so short all the time? She's 4, and if she's running, jumping, and rolling over the place I want her to be appropriately covered up.

I love these shorts on her so much I'm buying the next size up for next year. They have them in white too, which unfortunately, is not very practical for us. They would get so dirty!! I wish they had them in other fun colors or washes. I'd buy them all!!

Here they are in action.
They're paired with this shirt from Carter's and these shoes from Target. This outfit feels very Madeleine.

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