My New Video Jam - Bad Blood

Have you seen Taylor Swift's new video for her song, Bad Blood?

It's basically, "I'm Taylor Swift and look at all my famous friends!"

Nepotism at its finest.

And you know what...I don't care!

I think it's fun. Pretty clever if you ask me. Bad Blood is probably one of the weaker songs on her 1989 album (which I love, by the way). A cool video will undoubtedly lead to more downloads of the song. She deserves every success she's achieved. She's talented and is a shrewd business woman to boot.

Here's a look at the entire cast in order of appearance.
Singers, actresses, and fashion models - that's one talented and beautiful group of ladies.

And now, this 36 year-old mother of two is going to stop gushing about Taylor Swift. I should probably be more embarrassed, but I'm not.

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