Seamus' Room - Progress

Are you ready to see the progress to Seamus' room? I think I'm more excited for how this room turned out than Madeleine's.

First, the painters removed the wood rail from the perimeter, which I think was previously used to hang hats baseball hats or something. Anyway, they patched the holes and matched the wall texture...again, you can't even tell there was ever anything there.
The color is Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore. I had such trouble finding a color for Madeleine's room, but not for Seamus' room. It was the only sample I tried, and it worked!
They did not use Benjamin Moore paint, but color matched it instead. It was zero VOC and in a Flat finish (remember, it helps camouflages textured walls). Red is definitely going to be one of the accent colors in here. I had picked up this HELMER drawer unit from IKEA a while ago, and I love how it pops in the room now.
I've had the multi-colored lamp for ages. I got it from JCPenney for my first apartment in college, and it has traveled with me ever since. It just always works somewhere, and has held up great. The blue blanket is from South Korea. My brother-in-law in law is in the Air Force, and while stationed in Seoul my sister-in-law bought a pink one for Madeleine that we absolutely love. So, when my other brother-in-law (who is also in the Air Force) was stationed in Seoul last year as well, we had him pick one up for Seamus. They are so soft, the perfect weight, the perfect size, and monogrammed with their initials. They're so perfect.
Like the rest of the house, the ceiling, door, and trim all went Pure White by Benjamin Moore - Flat finish on the ceiling and Satin on the doors and trim.
The dresser is temporary. We got it free for Madeleine's nursery from a friend and had painted it black to match her nursery decor. It has served us well, but definitely time for something different.
Finally, we removed the drapes and blinds, and have a sleek new shade ordered. I'll post an update as soon as it's hung.

At some point we'll be transitioning Seamus from a crib to a toddler bed. So far, he has not attempted to climb out of his crib, but I'm sure he could if he really tried. As long as he is content in the crib we're going to leave him there. When the day comes though, I have this toddler bed all picked out.

Stay tuned for more updates to the house in June.

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