Toys for Boys

Seamus is really into animals lately. He loves making all their sounds, identifying them in books, and almost always walking around with a Schleich animal figure in his hands. I love these figures. They're realistic and the perfect size for little fingers and imaginative play. My favorite thing though is how they feel. They're not light...very solid with lots of textures. They feel really good in your hands, which is great for all those little guys (and girls) who still explore the world around them mostly by touching everything.
Like most little boys, Seamus is also pretty into dinosaurs, so it was a no-brainer to start collecting them as well. I couldn't believe how big the dinosaurs are...really substantial, and the T-Rex's jaw moves up and down too. There are a lot of stomping, chomping, and roaring going on with these.
Besides animals and dinosaurs, they have a bunch of other sets too. Fantasy animals, the Smurfs, Peanuts, and I just saw today they're coming out with a DC Comics line too. So fun!

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