Vegetable of the Month - Cauliflower

This month we decided to give cauliflower a try. I must confess it has been a long time since I ate cauliflower. I decided I didn't like ages ago, and that was it. However, I tried a few pieces raw while prepping the below dish and it's really not bad. I would definitely eat it raw with just some dip now.

Vegetable - Cauliflower
Before we get into how it tasted, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this recipe is a lot of work for what boils down to a couple of measly little grilled cheese sandwich. Especially since the whole point of grilled cheese is that it's quick and simple. However, if you're really adamant about cutting out carbs or maybe can't eat gluten then this recipe may be for you.

I actually thought it tasted pretty good. The first bite I wasn't so sure, but as I kept eating it got better. The cheese masks any cauliflower flavor, so that worked for me.

I definitely would tweak the recipe a little bit by forming the "dough" into much thinner slices. My friend who recommended this recipe said that is key (after the fact, of course). My favorite part was the crispy edges; so if I had made the slices thin throughout, I probably would have liked it even better.

Her additional tweaks to the recipe include:
- No need to wring the moisture out of the cauliflower after cooking
- Make slices as thin as possible - almost like a crepe
- Cook longer than indicated until very crispy

I had high hopes that the kids would like this one, but each took one bite and said, "No, thank you." At least they tried it.

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