Building A Wardrobe - Easy, Breezy Tops

I went out shopping again, this time at Banana Republic. As I browsed, I really thought I wasn't going to find anything. Nothing was looking to me like it would work for my body, but I decided to try a bunch of stuff on anyway and see what happened. I'm glad I did, because I actually found a few cute tops.

First up, the Ikat Popover Blouse. It's so light weight and great for work. It's actually a little long on me, and looking back I should have probably ordered the petite size online instead. I'm also a little torn as I don't think it is truly my style. I got it mostly because it fits, but it feels a bit too bohemian to me. I still like it enough for now though (although I'll probably get it hemmed).

Next, the Linen Trapeze Tank, which is my favorite of the three. It's super flattering and again, light weight. So far, it's been strictly a weekend top for me, but with the right styling I bet I could make it work for work too. I also love it because it washes really well. I'm thinking of picking this up in another color.

For the Drapey Pocket Tee, it was the color that drew me to it. I love jewel tones, and the emerald green on this is so saturated and rich. This one is actually the most versatile of the three for me so far. It very easily dresses up or down. I've worn it with both dress pants and jeans. The material is so soft and...say it with me now...light weight. I'm thinking of picking this one up in light pink as well.

Finally, I picked up a pair of earrings too!

These are super cute. They are very, very tiny actually and just look a little staple in my ear. I will give a word of warning about the backs though. The first time I wore them I almost lost one because the back fell right off. I switched them out though, and they've been fine since. These have become my new everyday earrings. They go with everything!

So, that's Banana Republic. Where should I check out next?

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I just wanted to share.

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