Dress the Part - The Age of Adaline

I can't seem to get The Age of Adaline and those beautiful costumes out of my head (see my review of the film here). So, I decided to examine them more closely, and see if I could recreate them with a more modern twist. It might not be your idea of fun, but it's definitely mine. I had so much fun putting this post together (and have more planned). Enjoy!

First let's look back at the costume from the twenties. We're told Adaline is born in 1908, and I'd say she is supposed to be about 20 years old in the below picture, so we're looking at probably around 1928 here - basically, the height of 20's fashion.
Image from here.
Here's my modern interpretation. I loved the color combination of nude/blush, mustard yellow, and grey. I would never have thought to wear them together, but they do look pretty great combined.

Remember, if you're looking for twenties inspired pieces, you're searching for things like drop waists, cloche hats, and pearls.

Also, I realized the inspiration dress above is a little pricey, so here are a few more affordable options that have the same sort of feel - nude/blush and flowy. 

There are also a ton of cute "flapper" dresses out there, but be careful with those. You don't want to look like you're wearing a costume.

Moving onto the next decade when Adaline gets married. 
Image from here.
Actually, I'm not sure if her wedding occurred in the 20's or 30's, but I'm going with 30's - early 30's though, so there would still be a lot of 20's influence in the attire.
Earrings | ClutchDress | Veil |  | Shoes

If you're looking for your wedding ensemble to have a late 20's / early 30's vibe, then you're looking for sleek lines, satin, Juliet Cap veils, t-strap shoes, and fun Art Deco accessories.

Finally, also in the 30's, we see this lovely springtime dress Adaline wears for her daughter's christening.
Image from here.
For this look, I focused my search on floral chiffon dresses (with sleeves), and then brought in the 30's inspiration by way of accessories.

Since it's Springtime, there are a ton of floral chiffon dresses out there. Here are a few more shopping pleasure. If you're daring, search for pretty fascinators to go with them.

The 20's and 30's were two great decades for fashion. A lot of beautiful pieces in a lot of beautiful cuts and fabrics. I think it is a testament to the times that you can still find traces of so many of the styles pioneered then in clothing from today. There's a reason people still love these vintage looks. There was an elegance and sophistication to clothing of that time that is severely lacking in modern fashion. Also, there were hats. Why did we ever stop wearing hats!

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