Let's Go To The Movies - Aloha

Some friends and I went to see Aloha over the weekend. It was a pretty stellar cast and written/directed by Cameron Crowe. I had high hopes, but did it deliver?

Down and out military contractor, Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) gets one last shot at redemption as he travels to Hawaii to oversee negotiations with native Hawaiians on behalf of the military and billionaire Carson Welch (Bill Murray), both of whom need land from the Hawaiians in order to expand their space exploration projects. Gilcrest is forced to confront his past with his ex-girlfriend Tracy (Rachel McAdams), as well as her new husband Woody (John Krasinski); all the while dealing with the peppy and overly optimistic Captain Ng (Emma Stone) assigned to watch over him and keep him out of trouble.

My initial reaction upon leaving the theater was that this movie was...strangely good? I think? The story was a little hard to follow. There were plot points that were just not explained well; mostly due to characters not communicating with each other (surprising for a Cameron Crowe flick). John Krasinski's character, Woody, literally would not communicate; which was a good running gag throughout the movie, but when your wife straight up asks you what is wrong and you still can't muster any just doesn't make sense. I also went the entire movie thinking Bradley Cooper's character, Brian Gilcrest, was a former pilot or something and he ended up doing something with computers. I still don't really know exactly. Actually, the entire climactic "launch" scene was confusing and rushed.


I judge a movie on its ability to entertain me, and I was entertained by Aloha. Emma Stone, as Captain Ng, made the film for me. Her quirky and passionate, yet super by the book character was funny and charming. Every scene she was in I enjoyed (especially her awesome dance with Bill Murray - lucky girl!) Her and Bradley Cooper (despite the 13 year age difference) even had pretty descent chemistry. If you're an Emma Stone fan, you'll enjoy this movie.

I'd say the rest of the cast did as good as could be expected with the material. Good performances all around, but the writing was lacking. Overall, yes there were confusing parts, but there were enough funny parts and sweet parts and romantic parts to make up for least for me.

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