Madeleine Style

Madeleine has not been a fan of wearing her hair up lately, or even brushing it for that matter. We've already hit a few 100+ degrees days here in Phoenix already, so we thought a haircut was in order.
I had been wanting to get her an angled bob for a while now, so we just went for it. Her first words after she was done were, "I hope Daddy likes it." He definitely does, and I do too. She looks so cute!
I'm actually a little jealous. Her straight hair and natural side part really lends itself to this cut. I would have to straighten my hair daily to achieve her naturally sleek look.

We're also excited to be starting Kindergarten in August. She'll be going to a school that requires uniforms, so I picked up a few items from J. Crew Factory when they had a huge sale a few days ago. I love the peter pan collar on the polos, and of course bermuda shorts for my active little girl.
I also picked up some new shoes for her too. I'm usually not a fan of licensed characters on clothing, but I thought these Disney Vans were adorable. The pattern is such that from far away you can't tell that it's actually all the Disney princesses. They just look like a fun and colorful pattern. I love that they go with everything too, and Madeleine really loves them.
So, that's what's up on the style front for Madeleine lately.

Does your child wear a uniform to school? Do you/they like it? I'm thinking it will really make our mornings quicker. I'm a big fan of anything I can put on auto-pilot to make life easier.

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