Powder Room Progress

In addition to the kids' rooms (see here and here), we finally got around to painting the downstairs powder room too. About time!
I know what you're thinking, "I can't believe you painted over that gorgeous navy blue decorative sponge paint job." I don't know, I guess we were just tired of feeling like we were in outer space whenever we were in there. Did I mention the ceiling was painted the same dark blue? Yeah, it had to go, like yesterday.
We color matched the painters' paint to Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and used a flat finish again. The ceiling, doors, and trim went the same Pure White by Benjamin Moore like the rest of the house (flat finish for the ceiling and satin on the door/trim).
We also had them remove the gigantic mirror. Seriously, a room this small does not need a mirror that size. It took up the entire wall above the sink! What we really needed was a medicine cabinet for some much needed and more practical storage.
Here's where we had to make some decisions. I have a vision of what I want this room to look like, but I don't have the funds to get it there yet. Right now, my top choice for a medicine cabinet is this one here or something similar. Did I really want to drop $400+ now when I wouldn't be able to complete the rest of the room for a long while, or do we buy something cheap that I don't love at all, but works with what is already there?

Decisions, decisions.

Ultimately, we decided to go with the latter and picked up a super cheap medicine cabinet from Home Depot (see here). It matches the oak vanity, and gives us the above sink storage that we were lacking, but it's not very pretty.
I think I'm going to paint the vanity and medicine cabinet yet. At first I thought I would just paint them both white...but if we do that then the off-white vanity top will really stand I'd want to get a new vanity top...but if I did that I might as well get a new vanity...and then the medicine cabinet won't match!!  Ugh! Piece-by-piece decorating, it's a vicious circle. So, for now I'm trying to think of a fun color to paint them both instead and saving my pennies until I can re-do it proper.

Speaking of which, here's my vision of where I'd eventually like to go with this tiny little room.
McKimm | Kristin Marie | Linda Bergroth
I kept imagining a cool triangle mosaic floor in white, gray, black, and yellow - very specific, I know. It's also hard to articulate, so when I saw the image on the left I was like - pin, pin, pin, pin! The mosaic wall tile is the closest thing I've seen yet to what I'm envisioning. Love the dark grout against the white tile too.

Then, I definitely want to bring in bronze/brass (honed not shiny) for the faucets, hardware, and medicine cabinet. For the vanity, I want one that goes all the way to the floor (no open space underneath) and it has to have both a cabinet and drawers. At first I thought I wanted a mid-century look to the vanity like the image on the right, but that black vanity in the middle really makes a statement. Plus, I've had no luck finding a mid-century style vanity that goes all the way to the floor yet.

What I do love about the image on the right is that chunky sink. In my head I want a thick white counter top and sink, but I'm not sold on it for sure. I love the floor in the image on the right too. The powder room we had growing up had a pretty funky floor (that my parents still have by the way), so maybe that's where this craving is coming from.

So, it shouldn't be too expensive - just new floors, paint, vanity, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet, toilet, lights, towels, baseboards, and door. No biggie, right?

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