The Real Slim Shady

The kids went about a week in their newly painted rooms with no window coverings whatsoever, which meant they were up super early every day. Needless to say, Bill and I were thrilled when the new shades came and he installed them immediately.
So, let's talk shades!
I decided to do shades for a few different reasons. Their rooms are small, but I want them to feel as open and light as possible. In Madeleine's room, her full sized bed is right up against the wall; so "floor length" drapes were definitely out. I debated doing "sill length" (curtains that hang to the window sill) or apron length (curtains that hang 4-6 inches below the window sill), but still; with the bed right there - it seemed like it would be too much. In Seamus' room, I'm not sure yet on final furniture placement, so again I didn't want to do curtains.
That left shades, blinds, or shutters. I find blinds annoying (so hard to clean) and shutters aren't really my style; plus I don't think either are really great at blocking light. Shades had the streamlined look I was going for and could keep the light out. So, shades it was.
I wanted the shade to disappear into the wall, almost as if they weren't even there. I couldn't find exact matches to the wall colors, so I went just a tad darker with each.

(Note to self: next time I try to achieve this look, pick shade fabric first then wall color to match.)
The next decision I had to make was inside mount or outside. I chose outside.
I don't love the windows in our house. I'm a fan of window trim, and it bugs me that none of the windows in the house have it. It is on my list to eventually add window sills and trim to all our windows, but for now the goal (as always) is to work with what I have and disguise what I don't like as much as possible. 
Second, as I said, these rooms are small and so is the window. Mounting the shades on the outside makes the windows appear larger. The addition of the valance over the shade helps anchor the window on the wall and gives it presence.
I got the shades from The Shade Store. They are both part of their Blackout collection. Madeleine's is the Hudson material in the color Lime and Seamus' is the Flock material in the color Canyon. I used this company for our custom drapery in our living/dining room (see here), and had such a great experience. The second time around was no exception.
As a product, I'm very pleased with them. They seem really well made and block the light really well. It's not pitch black in the rooms when the shades are down, but there is only the faintest of faint glow around the perimeter. The kids have definitely been sleeping later due to these shades.

From a design perspective, I'm mostly pleased. I'm torn if I made the right call on the color with Madeleine's shade. I love the color of Seamus', but should I have maybe gotten the silver chain instead of antique bronze? Actually, the chains bug on both of them. I knew I had to get them, but in my head I was expecting not to really see them. I was thinking they would lay along the inside of the window and you wouldn't really see them. Obviously that's not an option with outside mount shades though. Are they a little distracting, or is it just me?

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