Vegetable of the Month - Artichoke

This month we're tackling artichokes. I've never in my life bought an artichoke, although I have enjoyed them at restaurants and of course in spinach artichoke dips over the years. I decided it was high time to finally take a few artichokes home with me, and give them a try.

Vegetable - Artichoke
Recipe - Parmesan Stuffed Artichokes
This is a recipe that looks difficult, but is actually pretty easy and impressive. Don't they look good? They'd make an excellent addition to the table at your next dinner party. As far as taste, I thought they were only okay, but I think I maybe didn't have the best artichokes. There didn't seem to be much meat on the leaves at all. As we scraped them along our teeth we were mostly just tasted the stuffing mixture. It was fine, but I tasted no artichoke flavor at all. I definitely need to do some research on how to pick a good artichoke before I attempt again.

Surprisingly enough, Seamus actually ate a bit of this. I showed him how to scrape the leaves on his teeth, and he tried about three of them. Like I said though, he essentially was just eating bread crumbs, but at least he gave it a try! Baby steps, right?

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