Let's Go To The Movies - Ant-Man

Bill and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Ant-Man. So, when a date night opportunity came along, we new we had to get out and see it.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is out of prison, trying to live the straight and narrow to be with his daughter again. He thought his thieving days were behind him, until a desperate scientist, Dr. Pym, (Michael Douglas) and his daughter, Hope, (Evangeline Lilly) enlist Scott's help to steal and destroy dangerous technology Pym's power-hungry protégé, Darren Cross, (Corey Stoll) is trying to re-create from Pym's past work. In order to pull off the impossible heist, Scott must use the same dangerous technology successfully created by Dr. Pym many years ago, and become Ant-Man.   

I love Paul Rudd, I love super-hero movies, and I loved...Ant-Man! It was so amazing and fun. Paul Rudd was perfect - humble, charming, and so, so funny. I actually thought Michael Douglas only had a small role in the film, but I'm glad I was wrong. Dr. Pim is one of the main characters! You would think a huge star like Michael Douglas would overshadow his less famous co-stars, but instead he really brought out their best. (Plus, it was pretty cool how they made him look young in the beginning.) Evangeline Lilly, as the tough as nails love interest, Hope, really shined as well. To me, Super hero origin films are always the best ones. This was that plus a really cool heist film as well. It wasn't just about Ant-Man. There was a real ensemble feel to the story, and it was a far better film for it.

The film was really innocent too and didn't take itself too seriously. It's PG-13, but I fully intend to let my daughter watch this one when it comes out on DVD. It's very, very family friendly (mild violence and maybe two swear words, but that's it).

I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention how much I love the continuity of all the Marvel movies and TV shows. The very beginning gives us glimpses of an aged Haley Atwell reprising her role as Agent Carter. We see Howard Stark aka Iron Man's dad. Falcon from the Captain America films makes an appearance as well. The film's ending makes it obvious Ant-Man will be popping up again as an Avenger. Oh, and with all Marvel movies, make sure you stay until after the credits to catch a glimpse at how Evangeline Lilly's character, Hope, will be popping up again as well. Yay!

I highly, highly recommend checking out Ant-Man.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Did you see Ant-Man? What about Trainwreck? I can't wait to see that one too.

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