Pretty Pots - Part Two

I mentioned here that we had spray painted a few planters that were left on the property when we moved in, but never got around to showing you the two we put in the front of the house!
To refresh your memory, they looked like this before. Pretty boring and blah.
After we spray painted them it then took me forever to figure out what the heck to put in them.
Ultimately I decided that anything was better than nothing, so on a trip to Home Depot I picked up a Hibiscus and a Boxwood plant.
Madeleine and I had a fun time planting them, and I love the little pop of color they bring to the front lawn.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure if they're going to make it. These were taken a few weeks ago, and we only just realized that they weren't getting any water! We didn't know that the water lines running to the pots were not on the watering schedule. So, no water...for the summer. We've remedied that now, and they've surprisingly perked back up a little. I'm afraid though that the damage might have already been done. We'll see. 
I always find it odd that I love flowers and plants so much, but have zero interest in gardening. I'm only interested in the finished product, not the process. We have plans for the front lawn, but you better believe that everything we put in will be low, low maintenance.

Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

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