Midwest Vacation / Milwaukee, Days 1 - 4

The last week of July we headed back to the midwest to visit family and take in some sights. It was so nice to be back in Milwaukee, the city I called home for 11 years.
We headed to the airport on Wednesday morning. We were a worried about how Seamus would be on the plane, but he did pretty good. He was a little whiny here and there, but no full on tantrums. Madeleine was really good. All in all, we considered it a success.

We arrived in Milwaukee around 1:30pm, and Bill's mom picked us up from the airport. We headed to her house for lunch and stayed to visit with Bill's brother and Stepdad too. My two sisters-in-law and a few nieces and nephews then came by for dinner later. It was so nice to see everyone and just relax a bit after the long day of traveling. Bill's dad, who lives in California, has a condo in Waukesha for when he visits. He was not there, so we were able to make that our home base while we were in Milwaukee. So, after a fun night of good food and conversation we headed back to the condo for the night.

Thursday (and Friday too) Bill and I worked. He headed downtown to his actual office (he works remotely while in Arizona) and I worked from the condo. The kids spent the day with their Grandma and Bill's brother. Then, we all had dinner with Bill's mom, brother, and Stepdad again.

Friday was a repeat of Thursday during the day, but after work we headed downtown and met some friends at German Fest!
Milwaukee in the summer has so many festivals that I knew we would catch one during our trip. I was so glad it was German Fest because I love the food!! I had my favorite potato pancakes with apples, a sausage sampler, and a pretzel. Yum!

It was fun to be out doing something and be with old friends, but Seamus was a handful. He would scream when he was in his stroller or run around like crazy when he was out of it. Eventually he did settle down and chill in his stroller, but, man was it exhausting.

The next day, Saturday, we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo with my brother-in-law and his family. This was one of our favorite places to take Madeleine when we lived in Milwaukee, so it was nice to be back. They had a fun dinosaur exhibit going on, and we knew the kids would like it - especially Seamus.
He loved it! So much so that I could never get him to turn around and pose for any pictures. He was really excited, pointing like crazy, and roaring at them.
It was a pretty cool exhibit. If you're near Milwaukee this summer; definitely check it out.
After the dinosaurs, we had lunch and explored the rest of the zoo. Then, we headed back to the condo to relax for a bit. In the evening we walked over to my sister-in-law's for dinner. It was another really fun and really exhausting day.   

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