Vegetable of the Month - Carrots

This month I decided to take on a vegetable that is relatively well liked in our house...carrots! We usually just eat them raw for a snack. Madeleine really loves them, and I can usually count on Seamus eating a few bites at least. I decided to see what else I could do with them though. Here's both carrot recipes we tried this month.

Vegetable - Carrots
I had Madeleine help me make these cookies from start to finish. The entire time she told me how good they looked, how good they smelled, etc. I thought this would be a winner for sure. But alas, no takers. Seamus wouldn't touch them, and Madeleine took one bite and declared them "not so good." I admit they were lacking a bit on sweetness, but I didn't think they were horrible! Bill decided some frosting might help and whipped up some from scratch (powdered sugar and a little water) to drizzle over them. (How cool is it that I have a husband who can whip up frosting from scratch!?!) They were much improved with the addition of the frosting, however, the kids still wouldn't eat them. So, Bill and I happily ate the rest.

If I ever make these again (and that's a big if), besides adding the frosting, I would flatten the cookie more on the baking sheet. I just plopped the cookie dough down on the pan and thought they would flatten out while baking, but they don't. They hold their shape. I kind of think the kids would have been more open to them if they had looked more like traditional cookies. Who knows though?

Next up, I decided to make a more traditional side dish with the carrots.

Vegetable - Carrots
Recipe - Easy Ranch Baby Carrots
This one was pretty disappointing too. I thought they would have a nice tangy ranch flavor, but they were super bland. No one liked these either, including Bill and I (although we did at least eat ours).

So, carrots were a bit of a bust. Like I said though, we all like to eat them raw, so at least there's that. If you have any yummy carrot recipes, please send them my way. I'd really like to find a good side dish recipe for them still.


  1. Those are very interesting recipes, seem good!

    1. They seemed like they would be good to me to. I was a little bummed they didn't go over better.