Yes or Kimono

I can't decide if I want to jump on the whole kimono bandwagon or not. On one hand, they're super cute, flattering, lightweight, and a great way to add a splash of color and drama to an otherwise plain outfit. Yet, they're just so very bohemian, and I really don't feel like that is my style at all.

I rounded up a few possible contenders though. What to do?
Top Row - LuLu's | Target | Target | Anthropologie
Bottom Row - Express | ASOS | ASOS | Express

My favorite of the bunch is the first one on the bottom row. I like the square cut of it, and the colors and pattern are working for me.

What do you think of the trend? Should I go for it?


  1. I like the second from the top too! I think the angles of that one would have a slimming affect.

    1. I like that one too, plus it's from Target. I'm more likely to try something really trendy if I don't have to invest too much.