Crush List - September

I've really been digging a little pink in my decor lately. Here's a few fun pops of pinks that have caught my eye lately?  

1 - Curiosities Vase from Target
3 - Mostorp TV Unit from IKEA
4 - Adana Extra Long Pillow from Lulu & Georgia
5 - Pink and Gold Agate Coasters from Jonathan Adler

I wonder if I could convince Bill on that art print. It looks so amazing. I love it!!


Vegetable of the Month - Turnips Part 2

Our first turnip recipe earlier this month was a bit of a bust (see here), but I had high hopes for the second. I'm a big fan of hiding vegetables in desserts. It had worked out so well when I did it with beets earlier this year (see here), so I was really looking forward to trying it again with turnips.

Vegetable - Turnips
Recipe - Savory Thyme Turnip Cupcakes
The verdict? I hate to say it, but these were really, really bad. Like, borderline gross. You know how I usually end up saying here that the kids didn't like them, but it was okay because Bill and I did? Yeah, not even Bill and I liked these. I actually ended up just throwing them all away this morning. With the exception of the bits of thyme in it, the frosting was actually pretty tasty; but that sweetness, as good as it was, could not mask the super strong turnip taste of the cupcakes. The closest way I could describe it, is that they smelled and tasted very much like potatoes. It was just all wrong. So, disappointing.


Let's Go to the Movies - The Intern

Last Monday, I got the chance to see a sneak peek of Nancy Meyers new film, The Intern; but wasn't able to write my review until today. It's in theaters now though, so here's what I thought.

Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is a 70-year old widower who did everything you're supposed to do when you retire. He spent time with his grandkids, traveled the world, and even learned Mandarin. Looking to feel useful again, he decides to become a "senior" intern at a trendy, online shopping start-up run by the extremely hands-on CEO, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). She's overworked, stressed, and barely holding it together, both at work and at home. An unlikely friendship blossoms as Jules slowly learns to let go and ask for help; help that Ben is more than happy and qualified to give.

This movie was so adorable. Seriously, so witty, fashionable, and cute. Robert DeNiro gave such a funny and touching performance as the "wise" Ben - schooling all his young co-workers in both business and life. Anne Hathaway's performance was great too - very understated and real. Combine that with a gaggle of amusing supporting characters and you've got a really fun little movie. At the time I saw it, I didn't love the ending, but it certainly didn't offend either. There seemed a very logical and satisfying ending (i.e. make Ben the CEO) that I totally thought they were headed towards, but doesn't happen. I was so sure that was going to happen, that when it didn't; the ending it did have seemed very abrupt. I got over it though, and ultimately decided I really, really liked this film. Definitely check it out!


2015 Emmy Fashion - Sparkle with Delight

Last, but not least, we're looking at the sparkly dresses from the Emmy's. These were definitely some of my favorites. Who doesn't love sparkle?

Let's dive in!
Kerry Washington
Scandal star, Kerry Washington, wore this silver Marc Jacobs number. I liked it, but again I would have added a lining. Her faux bob hair is cute, and her make-up and accessories spot on. The shoes work, but they look like they're killing her. Overall though, I thought this was a really cute and fun look. Good job, Kerry! 

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza wore this black Alexandre Vauthier gown with red sparkles. Talk about a perfectly suited dress for her! She's a casual and laid-back kind of girl, and this is a casual and laid-back kind of dress. The slinky silhouette, deep v-neck, and high slit make it a really sexy dress too. It looks great on her. Her hair, make-up, accessories, and shoes all compliment the look well. Awesome job, Aubrey! 

Christina Hendricks
Mad Men actress, Christina Hendricks, wore this black and gold Naeem Khan dress. I wasn't a fan of this look. First, the dress looks to heavy for the time of year. Then, instead of accenting her curves, I felt the sequin design made her look wider than she really is. Her waist is just lost in it. I did, however, love her hair and make-up. It's so soft and pretty. I wish she had found a soft and pretty dress to go with them. This one was a miss for me.

Claire Danes 
Nominee, Claire Danes, wore this pink and blue Prada number. I thought the chain link straps were too big and heavy, and the length an inch or so too long. It's definitely a cool and edgy dress, but it's not really that flattering on her. The look could have been improved with better styling though. That is just not the right hair for such a funky dress, and the make-up should have been edgier too. This one was just okay for me.

Sofia Vergara
Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, wore this gold St. John gown. She looks great, but we see this look from her all the time. She's no risk taker. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry all compliment the look well. Good job, Sofia, but next time let's mix it up a little.

Regina King
Winner, Regina King, wore this white Krikor Jabotian dress. The dress looks a little stiff, but overall I thought it was a good look. The color and cut is great on her, and the sparkles add the drama. The shoes are cute, and the hair, make-up, and jewelry all compliment the look well. Good job, Regina!

Lena Heady
Game of Thrones actress, Lena Heady, wore this wine Zuhair Murad gown. This is a lot of dress, and it looks like it is wearing her instead of the other way around. The halter is not very flattering on her. She's slouching, or it's pulling her down - something is off there. Then, the skirt is much too poufy for such a slinky top. The proportions are all off. Finally, her hair and make-up were only okay. This one was another miss for me.

Sarah Paulson
Nominee, Sarah Paulson, wore this black and blue Prabal Gurung number. I loved it! The black and blue color combo is classic, but the sequins give it a bit of an edge. The off-the-shoulder neckline is elegant. Her hair is a little severe, and the lip color a tad too red; but other than that - no complaints. Great look, Sarah!

Jamie Alexander
Jamie Alexander wore this striped Armani Prive gown. I liked this one a lot too. A simple column silhouette with a crew neck and long sleeves...awesome. The color, pattern, and sequins then added the perfect amount of drama. I wasn't a fan of the slicked back hair, but her make-up and accessories were good. Not bad, Jamie.

Ellie Kemper
Ellie Kemper wore this stunning Naeem Khan dress. I thought this was an amazing look. The dress is gorgeous. The geometric patterns, the colors, the crew neck, the column silhouette...perfection. She styled it great as well. Her simple hair and make-up do not distract from the dress (which is definitely the star here), and the pops of blue in her accessories and jewelry complimented the overall look perfectly. Beautiful job, Ellie!!

That wraps up the fashion of review of this year's Emmy's. Which one was your favorite?

All images from here, except for Regina King which is from here.


2015 Emmy Fashion - Pattern Power

Patterned gowns are always a risky red carpet choice. Let's take a look at a few ladies who dared to give it a try.
Teyonah Parris
Mad Men's, Teynonah Parris, wore this black polka dotted Francesca Miranda gown. It's very bold, I'll give her that. I don't think this pattern works great on a gown though. The polka dots are just too big and distracting. The shape of this gown was so different too - I loved the belt and the cool bustier. It was just the wrong fabric choice for me. Her hair is a little too poofy, but I liked her make-up and earrings. Don't get me wrong, she looks really good and is owning the look. I think I would have just liked it more without the spots.

Kiernan Shipka
Another Mad Men actress, Kiernan Shipka, opted for this Dior top and pants. Kiernan has great red carpet style for someone so young, but this was not one of my favorite looks from her. I didn't like the sheer yellow band across the top. It was too wide and distracting. I had no problem with the pants in theory, but the black seemed too stark a contrast with the pastel yellow of this particular top. I did actually really like the fabric of the top though. The embroidery looks divine, and I wish it had been made into a tea length dress instead. That would have been something. Her hair and make-up is cute and fresh-faced, but overall this was just an okay look for me.

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez wore this white Lorena Sarbu dress. Okay, this is technically not a patterned dress; but I didn't have any place else to put it, so I'm counting applique as pattern for this post. I liked this look, it's very soft and ethereal. The flower applique gives it the visual interest it needs. She definitely made the right choice keeping her hair and make-up simple, so as not to compete with the dress. The jewelry and clutch compliment the look well. Nice job, Gina!

 Naomi Watts 
Naomi Watts wore this double patterned and applique Dior dress. She was there only to support her nominee husband, so I think the dress worked well for that purpose. The dual patterns actually work well together (love the back one more though). I liked the tea length, and those silver shoes are awesome. My only complaint is that the bust seems a little low. Her hair and jewelry look good, but she could have handled a little heavier make-up. Nice look, Naomi!   

  Kristen Schaal
Funny lady, Kristen Schaal, wore this navy and black Rubin Singer gown. I liked the drama of it, but it doesn't fit her well. It's actually too big. The earrings and bracelet work for me, but I would have ditched the necklace. Her hair and make-up are cute though. This one was just "eh" for me.

Viola Davis
Winner, Viola Davis, wore this Carmen Marc Valvo white and black number. The cut of the dress works well on her, but I don't think the stark white looks great with her skin tone. I love her best in jewel tones. I liked the embroidery, but I wish it had started all the way at the top before trickling down. Her make-up is way too heavy, but her hair and jewelry looked really good. Good job, Viola.

Gwendoline Christie
Game of Thrones actress, Gwendoline Christie, wore this tone on tone Giles Deacon dress. I'm not sure if the pattern on this dress was cool or not, as it barely stands out against the cream background. The color is too light for her skin tone too. It's really washing her out. It was the right choice to pick a simple silhouette like this, but she would have benefited from more color. Her hair looks nice, but she could definitely have gone bolder with her make-up too. Also, where's the bling? Another "eh" look for me.

Anna Chlumsky
Nominee, Anna Chlumsky, wore this nude and flower applique Bibhu Mohapatra number. This is another dress that would have worked better as a solid color for me. I would have lost the applique and the weird spider web design, and just gone with the simple silhouette hiding underneath there. Her make-up looked okay, and she should have worn her hair down; but the clutch is pretty cute. Overall though, this one was a miss for me.

 Amanda Crew
Silicon Valley actress, Amanda Crew, wore this lovely blue and cream Gustavo Cadile gown. She looks like a china pattern, and I mean that in the best possible way. I loved this dress! The silhouette is great, the delicate pattern pretty, and the applique gives your eye somewhere to focus. The accessories were only okay, but I liked her make-up and the simple pretty ponytail. Great look, Amanda!


Zoe Kazan
Nominee, Zoe Kazan, wore this red and white striped Miu Miu dress. It's so different, and it shouldn't work, but the overall effect is great. I liked the slinky silhouette, and diamonds at the halter really up the fanciness factor. The belt helps to break up the optical illusion print, and the handbag really anchors the look. Her hair looks great, and her make-up - flawless. Beautiful job, Zoe!

Kiernan Shipka, Gina Rodriguea, Gwendoline Christie, and Zoe Kazan - images from here.
Teyona Parris, Kristen Schaal, Anna Chlumsky, and Amanda Crew - images from here.
Naomi Watts - image from here.
Viola Davis - image from here.


2015 Emmy Fashion - On the Bright Side

Pink may have been the hot color of the night, but there was still a whole lot of other beautiful brights on the red carpet too. Let's take a look.

Ariel Winter
Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter, wore this red Romona Keveza gown. I think this is the best she has ever looked! The saturated red color is gorgeous, and the silhouette is very flattering on her. Both the asymmetrical bust line and the short train keep it from being too boring. Her hair, make-up, and accessories all really compliment the look as well. Great job, Ariel!

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling wore this yellow Salvador Perez dress. I liked the overall look here, but actually wasn't a huge fan of the color. I would have preferred something more saturated. Anyway, it's a really flattering silhouette on her, and I liked the obvious sari influence. Her hair, make-up, and accessories are all en pointe too. Good job, Mindy!

Niecy Nash
Niecy Nash wore this red Mark Zunino number. The fit on this dress is so incredible. Look at that perfect hour glass figure! She looks great. The flower detailing is good everywhere but on the sleeve, and the dress is just a skosh long, but other than that - no complaints. Her hair, make-up, and accessories are all really cute too. Good job, Niecy!

Amy Schumar
Winner, Amy Schumar, wore this dark teal Zac Posen gown. It's a nice dress and actually fits her pretty good. However, it's not styled well at all. This dress really needs some bling. A big sparkly necklace, earrings, bracelets, and/or even a ring. This dress could have handled it all, but she opted for...nothing? In addition, she needed some lip color to balance that heavy eye. Definitely a missed opportunity here. 

Morena Baccarin
Gotham actress, Morena Baccarin, wore this red, sheer, and lacy Reem Acra number. In general, I don't mind a "lingerie" dress, but this really just looks like lingerie to me. It's too sheer; a lining would have done wonders for it. Unfortunately, this is another case of bad styling too. The shoes are just okay. The clutch does not match. The earrings and bracelet are good, but she needed a necklace too. She should have worn her hair down as well. Thankfully, her make-up looks good. At least there's that. Better luck next time, Morena.

Taylor Schilling
Orange is the New Black star, Taylor Schilling, wore this canary yellow Stella McCartney dress. I was on the fence on this one. It definitely has a "wow" factor that hits you strong, but once you start examining it closely the look starts to fall flat. The color is great. Blondes don't always look great in yellow, but this shade really works for Taylor. I thought the gathered neckline was cool and different. It's actually the hem of the dress that is messing up the whole look for me. The ruffle is too structured. If the dress just fell naturally to the floor, it would have had a really nice breezy look to it and been fine. The ruffle visually stops the flow and is really distracting. The shoes are a bit too matchy-matchy, but I liked the rest of her accessories; and her hair and make-up were pretty too. Just an okay look for me.

January Jones
Mad Men actress, January Jones, looked adorable in this teal Ulyana Sergeenko jumpsuit. It's pretty good, as far as jumpsuits go. In fact, in some pictures, it even looked like a dress. I loved the bold color, and the draping. The bust looks a little stiff, and I think it was just a tad too long. She's selling it though. She's just exuding confidence, which is the only accessory she needs. Great look, January!

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon looked stunning in this red Christian Siriano gown. At first I wasn't so sure about the gold bolero, but it definitely added some drama. I especially loved the draping on the dress. The detail on the hips and the tiered hem and train are perfection. I bet that fabric felt amazing. I've said before I'm not a fan of her dark locks, but this is the first time they looked natural to me. Her hair and make-up really compliment the look well. Beautiful job, Laura!

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Nominee, Maggie Gyllenhaal, wore this navy and purple Oscar de la Renta number. I may be in the minority here, but I liked it. I have the same complaint I always do with her dresses, in that she always wears her bust lines too low, but that's just Maggie. I think I would have opted for a statement necklace too, instead of the earring/bracelet combo. I loved the dress though. The colors are right up my alley, and it brings a lot of drama. She strikes me as someone who is very comfortable in her own skin, and I think that is reflected in her styling choices. You always know what to expect from Maggie, and this was no exception. Great job! 


Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland really wowed in this wine Zac Posen dress. A personal best for her, I think. She actually looks her age here (she's all of 24 years old). The column silhouette is flattering and the color, rich and deep. The off the shoulder neckline is what really did it for me though. So, sophisticated. Her hair and make-up looked great, and I loved those earrings! Beautiful look, Sarah!

All images from here, except for Niecy Nash, Amy Schumar, and Morena Baccarin which are from here.


2015 Emmy Fashion - Pretty in Pink

I was surprised by how many pink dresses there were at the Emmy's. So much fun! From pastel to was definitely a popular choice. Let's take a look.

Carice Van Houten
Game of Thrones actress, Carice Van Houten wore this pretty Dior dress. I actually really liked this dress on its own, but it was far too juvenile a look for her and washed her out a bit as well. The tea length called for a really "wow" pair of shoes too, but unfortunately, these were not them. Her make-up, hair, and clutch are all cute though. Okay job.

Yael Stone
Yael Stone, from Orange is the New Black, wore this pastel pink gown (couldn't find the designer). I really liked this look for her. It's so pretty and soft. The fabric has an interesting texture, and the pleats are actually pretty flattering. Her hair and make-up really complimented the look well. Nice job!

Maisie Williams
Game of Thrones cutie, Maisie Williams, wore this quilted, Ermanno Scervino number. I liked her look from the top to her hip, but I had problems with the lower half. The length of the dress is not very flattering. It would have looked much better as a ball gown. I wasn't a fan of the shoes either. They look like boudoir slippers. I did like the interesting texture, color, and pockets. Her make-up was a bit too minimal, but I did really like her hair.

Joanne Froggatt
Joanne Froggatt wore this blush and black J. Mendel dress. I was on the fence on this one. I didn't mind the black color-blocking around the bodice, but I would definitely have scrapped the black, sheer train. It throws the look off for me. Her hair, make-up, and accessories were all cute though. Overall, this was just an okay look for me.

Jane Krakowski
Nominee, Jane Krakowski, looked fantastic in this blush colored Bibhu Mohapatra gown. I loved the color blocking on the bodice...very art deco. The silhouette is great too. From the peplum waist to the trumpet train, it was all working for me. Her hair and make-up looked great too. My only complaint was that this dress could have handled some serious jewels. A big diamond necklace or chandelier earrings would have made it absolutely amazing. Great job though, Jane!

Uzo Aduba
Winner, Uzo Aduba, wore this pink and navy Jonathan Cohen gown. The overall silhouette and color of the gown were good, but I didn't care for the navy paint splatter look around the middle. I would have much preferred this gown if it was just one solid color. Her hair was a little too bouffant for my taste, but she looks very pretty. Her jewelry and accessories were really good though. Love the bling!

Jessica Paré
Mad Men actress, Jessica Paré, wore this lovely Monse dress. I thought this was a great look. The color is great, the silhouette flattering, and the rose detail gives it a bit of visual interest. The styling was spot on with simple hair and minimal, but very sparkly, jewelry. Great look, Jessica!

Christine Baranski
Christine Baranski looked fabulous in this hot pink Zac Posen number. I loved it from head to perfectly pointed gold toe. The color looks great on her, and the column silhouette is really flattering on her tall and lanky frame. Hair, make-up, awesome gold accessories...all perfect. Fantastic job, Christine!

Samira Wiley
The adorable Samira Wiley wore this gorgeous Jill Sturat one-shouldered number. Again, I loved this color!! It looks so beautiful with her skin tone. I loved the simple column dress, and the cape detail keeps it from being boring. She looks statuesque and regal. Her hair and make-up look great, and those earrings and cocktail ring...stunning! Great look, Samira!


Elisabeth Moss
I chose, Elisabeth Moss, in this hot pink Oscar de la Renta gown as my favorite pink dress of the night. The color is great, and I loved the little black detail along the bust. I especially loved the simple ball gown silhouette, which is really flattering on her. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry all compliment the look perfect. I think this might be the best red carpet look I've ever seen from her. Bravo, Elisabeth!


2015 Emmy Fashion - Back in Black

Did you watch The Emmy's last night? They were on so early here that I missed them due to dinner, baths, and of course the Packers game. After the kids went to bed though, I hopped online to start checking out the dresses. Let me tell you, I was so impressed!! It was such a great red carpet full of color, sequins, hardware, short hemlines, and even jumpsuits! It was definitely one of the best red carpets I've seen in sometime.

So, let's start talking dresses!!

First up, the ladies in black.
Taraji P. Henson
Nominee, Taraji P. Henson, wore this black, lace, Alexander Wang number. I liked the overall shape of it, especially the sweetheart neckline and the chain link straps - nice juxtaposition. The triangle cut-out was distracting though, and I wish the bottom half had been lined. Her simple hair, make-up, shoes, and accessories worked well to complete the overall look. Not bad.

Sophie Turner
Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner, wore this blue and black Galvin jumpsuit. In general, I have no problem with pants at an event like this, but they're hard to pull off. This look didn't quite work for me. The waist was too high, and the crotch too low; making the proportions all just a little off. The straight edge bust line looks constricting and too severe. Finally, the necklace and clutch do nothing to accent the look. Her accessories needed to be bigger and bolder. Thank goodness for that flawless face and gorgeous red hair. Sometimes being young is the only accessory you need, right?

Amy Poehler
Nominee Amy Poehler, wore this halter Michael Kors dress. Again, the cut-outs bug me. It would have been a much better look overall without them. This type of silhouette should have elongated her short frame, but the cut-outs combined with the chunky bangles on both wrists actually accented it instead. I liked the edgy earrings, hair, and make-up though. I'm really digging her new hair color.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepted her win in this Safiyaa one-shouldered number. I thought she looked great. It's simple, yes, but fits like a glove. The perfect back-drop to showcase those outstanding jewels. The hair looks good too. My only complaint was the lip color, or lack thereof. I would have punctuated the look with a bold red lip. Other than that, great job, Julia!

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough wore this sheer Marchesa gown. Let me tell you, I'm really over the whole sheer skirt trend. I've always thought it looks tacky. Again, this look would have been vastly improved by the addition of a lining on the lower half. The bodice looks uncomfortable and is doing nothing for her boobs either. Her eye make-up is too dark, and her lip too light. Even her hair can't save the look. This was a miss on all fronts for me.

Laura Carmichael
Downton Abbey's, Laura Carmichael, wore this floral Erdem dress. It was an interesting choice that I think worked well for her. I liked the silhouette, fabric, and peasant feel to the dress. I would have liked it more without the black panel though, and would have preferred a nice v-neck or the same floral fabric across the bodice. That's my only complaint though. Her hair and make-up look fantastic, and the whole look had a great casual vibe to it that really came off well. Good job, Laura!

Natasha Lyonne
Orange is the New Black star, Natasha Lyonne, wore this black, off-the-shoulder, fringed dress (couldn't find the designer). There were actually quite a few off-the-shoulder necklines last night, and I must say, I'm a fan. It's such an elegant look. I was actually all about this look from her head to about her hip, and then she lost me. The fringe and the horrible platform shoes ruined the simple elegance her top half is sporting. This one was a miss for me as well.

Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet wore this Michael Kors jacquard looking gown that feels a bit heavy for the time of year. I like the basic ballgown silhouette, but again, didn't like the cut-out. (Designers, stop with the cut-outs!) I actually didn't mind her ballerina bun hairdo, and her make-up was pretty. Okay, job.

Julie Bowen
Modern Family's, Julie Bowen, looked fabulous in this Georges Chakra Couture number. The dress has great shape and fits well. The neckline detail gives it a bit of visual interest, and the green jewels really pop. Her hair and eyes are pretty good, but I would have done a darker lip to add some drama. Other than that, no complaints. It was pretty, simple, and elegant.


Lady Gaga
OMG! Lady Gaga looked absolutely stunning in this Brandon Maxwell gown. She's almost unrecognizable, and I forgot how pretty she is. She should do simple more often. The silhouette of the dress is elegant and really flatters her, while the interesting draping at the waist keeps it from being boring. Her hair, make-up, and even tattoos all accent the look perfect. Bravo, Lady Gaga!

That's it for black. I'll be posting everyday this week with more Emmy fashion. Make sure you tune in!

All images from here, except for Natasha Lyonne, Amanda Peet, and Julie Bowen which are from here.